I am Back!

Just a short note to allow all you out there that I will soon be writing full time again.

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Dear Sirs and Madams AND Experts as well as others”

It is with great and unfortunate remorse that  I find myself having to write this document to whoever might have the where-with-all and or courage to try and rectify it. Which is my kindest and greatest of hopes?

Usually, as we get older, we look and take mental notes as to whether or not our messages that we have either portrayed or writing for myself, have taught to others through either an academic or the lifestyle process.

I do wish to state that I started writing my blog originally known as The Thinker: [and tag]  in early 2007 and have since found out that my blog was one of the first officially published by Word Press. I continued writing that blog including others such as American Age, Simpleminds a fashion and culture blog, and the original called, The Contemplative Thinker every day, by every month and every year until approximately 2018.

Never did I authorize anyone with the company (WordPress) to make decisions with regards to my money or credit card which was demanded be left on file. It was during this time when I began to get suspicious about the “automatic re-establishment of price or any other ‘call for finance’” by WordPress.

I do not think that any humanoids will experience reading this letter; albeit, I do not care inasmuch as I only aspire to let those who do read be the judge pursuant to how I have been treated.

I became suspicious of WordPress business dealings in late 2015 when I took notice of my credit card receipt with charges of various types by WordPress became openly visible to me. Again, I do want the following to be known I specifically wrote a little to WordPress explaining that I was withdrawing my credit facility inasmuch as I had begun to notice unauthorized charges for “Specialist” services included. Basically, what I am stating is that when given the opportunity to change blog templates for free, or change the background color of blogs FOR FREE, I did so.

I choose the original blog that had the six interchangeable backgrounds in the header. I did this for the art purpose as well as having the means to show a different mood with the writing. Further to that point, I noticed that WordPress started billing me for “creative changes,” which nowhere was stated that changing the color of the background of my blog was going to cost me money.

It was predicated upon that fact and that fact alone that WordPress immediately changed the agreement and stated that I had “Specialized in changing my blog” and without even a letter of notification began charging me for that price! I don’t know what all it came to but over $100.00 to regain my publishing rights.

Unknown to WordPress’ prima-donnas, I had begun writing my own book An Open Autopsy on America, leaving little time for me to engage in my own blog. However, when book writing was completed, I was being charged in excess of $200.00 in “Specialized Services” which I certainly cannot account for inasmuch as I didn’t even attempt to write.

Now the BIG NEWS; I was unable to ever get back to my old blog again! WordPress, somehow by ignorance or happenstance changed my password and it took me five (5) months to get the first expert to get back in touch with me to explain what was wrong. This is all about a small company that got to BIG – “We now publish 93% of the Internet’s blogs…”


Paul A. Schilling aka J. Paul Schilling, the original “onemorecup” [username] and “Sydney” [password].

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This One’s for You and Me…

Ah…ah, Yes! I have been along the lines of freed, unchiseled, unhandled, let loose from unhealthy relationships, and I am talking about the lot. Things of late have been unadulterated animal excrement. I could go on like any number of people and list the details of what it has been that has crushed, bewitched, turned-on-over my barely unrecognizable lifestyle; but wait, then all I’d be is exactly like those people who have succeeded in turning my normal, fun-loving and prayerful life exactly like theirs.

And may that never be! So, c’mon gang, what’s really bothering you? I am now positive that everyone has got something they want to gripe about. I mean, it is almost embarrassing telling folks that I am an American these days. God bless President Trump because he is the only human, I know of who can take a constant and absolutely beating and completely walk away.

And Democrats, I don’t want to hear about his wealth, his alleged Russian activities, a thing about his money, his wife, kids, or spectacular children. You know what this proud to be conservative person thinks and feels?

To late, I’m gonna tell you. I believe that because of your own public failures; moreover, even those failures that you won’t fess up too, you’ve found your self-worth in blaming the only person I know of to sit there and accept your obscene blame.

I have written to, spoken with and asked questions to my HBIC of the 2nd Congressional district of Maryland, and damn, is this guy dense! Doesn’t matter anymore, Congress is a group of do nothing, six-week vacation rest from Washington coming up next week – for what – certainly not working, therefore, undeserving, spouting off their incoherent minds with very untrue comparisons about events that are seemingly unrelated in the first place!

I believe it is wrong to gripe about “injustice and sending to a concentration camp” those people who have knowingly broken the rule of law that makes our nation great. Illegal aliens should have to go back. Moreover, and this one is for our brainiest members of the United States Supreme Court, where and/or why can’t they be included in our census?

Illegals have knowingly collected IRS refunds on dead people, live in deceased people homes, sign up for everything, until it costs, then Americans have no right charging us for anything. Alright you Dems or whatever is the latest, “liberal socialists” or just plain zombies — why are you so content on the revival of Mr. Mueller? Look take that energy and do what my money is paying you to do –work.

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The Time has finally come…Today!

220px-Sydprot   Seriously  now folks, from the Democrat constant voting regarding the DREAM Act, furthermore, “Open the borders,” to the US doesn’t need sovereignty, we’ll just make room for illegal immigrants, and now it is  some type of legislation that says, “Illegals Can Vote.”

Let’s joggle the memory:  Is it me or does the entire nation or world remember the eleven times the DREAM Act, amnesty, a pathway to citizenship, and legalization procedures has been taken to a vote and all eleven times these idiosyncrasies have been defeated? So, what’s different now? The only thing that is different is that these illegals are caravanning up to the border in furious numbers.

I distinctly remember a time when I wrote columns titled, “Enough is Enough,” or “When is Enough, Enough,” believe me, I have written so much about the fiascoes, mismanagement, and specifics about how unorthodox our Congress is and has been functioning, one could find just about anything that has gone wrong or is certifiably wrong. A little assistance from Albert Einstein insomuch as this was very much his definition of being insane.

Judicial Watch already has ex-president Barack Obama’s name and fingerprints on some of the documentation. Have we, as a people, as a nation seem to have conveniently forgotten about many of these congruent truths?

Now the Democrats seem to have forgotten Eric Holder the then US Attorney General, supplying guns and other ordinances to the cartel members to fight against US Border Patrol as well as the Mexican Army. Bryan Terry a former USBP agent was killed by two of these guns purchased in Arizona at Terry’s killing spot. And although they did not gripe when US Attorney Eric Holder delayed and didn’t even turn over more than 100,000 pages of legal documents these many of the same Democrats want an unredacted copy of their savior’s Mueller Report.

And to top it all off, Hillary Rodham Clinton spread classified and Top-Secret intelligence around the world to include America’s enemies, then has the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, meet on the tarmac to have a little conversation with former president William Clinton? ave President Donald Trump – who now holds every record that every president tries illegally or otherwise to own. If Mr. Trump did 0.0001 percent of what Barack Obama had done sure, I’d be writing about it, just to be fair. Why don’t you people just say, “Great job Mr. President,” instead of trying to roast this man?

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If Mexico is so bad, why are we letting them or others who have been there, elequontly allowed into the USA?

Known informally as the “wait-in-Mexico policy,” and officially as the Migrant Protection Protocols, the plan was a major part of the administration’s moves to try to stem the flow of illegal immigrants surging into the U.S.

Judge Richard Seeborg, an Obama appointee to the bench, said not only does the policy violate immigration law, but Mexico is so dangerous that making asylum-seekers wait there — even if they’re not from Mexico — is untenable.

A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to stop its new policy of sending asylum-seekers who jumped the border back to Mexico to wait while their cases proceed, ruling Monday that the plan was likely illegal.

This really shows how disturbing the entire discrimintory business of “immigration policy” gets. Lastly, I firmly believe that the older people who are citizens of the USA are tired of this loophole here, can’t do there. I find it sickening.

I make no qualm about it whatsoever, with as little distain as these nonsensical illegal immigrants are reviewing or administrating here goes: How many people out there are really disjointed about President John D. Rooselvdt and his attempt to take over the office of the U. S. Presidency? Anyone reading about his career, moreover, the entities he induced to carry on with this country, yes this encludes fixing the U.S. Supreme Court to get all of ways and initiatives passed I am reminded of a bit of charged reading I had over the weekend.

This bit of interesting reading taken from Brion McClanahan’s 9 Presidents who Screwd up America about what Rooselvdt claimed, what if the politicians during that time were trying to make it seem as we know it when in all reality they were stacking the Supreme Court to rule that when President Rooselvdt’s time was up and done — then putting an end limit to presidential rule, thus “King Franklin.”

I only wish I would obtain one, maybe two Congressionals officials attention to this paper and it is not like that hasn’t happened before. Whereas, when reading Article II Section 1 of the Constitution, to wit: “Invasion clauses” that’s how one shuts up a Democrat. We all thought at the beginning of President Trump’s campaign that he’d be serious — that when people from another nation invade one’s own country, this is considered an act of war, and as such I mean we move the regiments down rifles in hand (loaded of course) and don’t forget the land mines.

Any people of any nation who is out smarting us on the threshold of our nation, that causes judges to order in an adverse way and make the entire nation look like we don’t know what we are doing STOP! and TAKE CONTROL! Because it is obvious right now, this nation and its collective resources (Congress) (Democrats) are being made to be spat upon, by God, let’s use our ordance.

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White House targets Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua

White House targets Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua

white housePresident Trump is considering designating Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism, in an effort to push the socialist government to the brink of capitulation, a report said.

Along with Cuba and Honduras, it is knowing the combined history including Venezuela’s reasonably certain past that has many people concerned.

I will be brief here insofar as the complete histories are very much current reading and material is fully open to the public as is an encyclopedia website.

Venezuela, which has been facing a humanitarian crisis stemming from a collapsing economy and state repression, would be added to the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism for providing “support for acts of international terrorism,” the Washington Post reported.

The countries already on the list are Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Republicans have long pushed the White House to designate the country as a sponsor of terrorism, accusing the Venezuelan government of having ties to terror groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, and other groups, according to the Post.

But others warn against the move, suggesting such designation would raise questions about the U.S. list’s credibility as the evidence of Venezuela’s ties to terror groups is insufficient.

In addition, the designation would also help the Nicolás Maduro government to blame the country’s woes on the U.S., as he has done in the past.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio spearheaded the effort to designate Venezuela as a sponsor of terrorism and demanded the Trump administration to take a tough stance against the regime.

The White House previously imposed sanctions on key figures within the Venezuelan


She stated her visits to the area was for “Woman’s Rights” yet most know the real reasons!

government, including the first lady, the defense minister, vice president, and another top official. The U.S. government accused them of helping Maduro to “plunder” the country’s resources.

The Trump administration insisted that further sanctions may follow, potentially boycotting the purchase of Venezuelan oil, the last remaining sources of income to the socialist regime. The U.S. is the largest buyer of the country’s oil.

The designation would limit the U.S. assistance to the country and ban financial transactions with the country.

This would come as Venezuela is combatting with hyperinflation and humanitarian crisis due to shortages of basic needs.

The first challenge to the powerful new army came from the Contras, groups of Somoza’s National Guard who had fled to Honduras. The Contras were soon under the control of Nicaraguan business elites who opposed Sandinista policies to seize their assets. The Contra chain of command included some ex-National Guardsmen, including Contra founder and commander Enrique Bermúdez and others. One prominent Contra commander, however, was ex-Sandinista hero Edén Pastora, aka “Commadante Zero,” who rejected the Leninist orientation of his fellow comandantes.

With the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, relations between the United States and the Sandinista regime became an active front in the Cold War. The Reagan administration insisted on the “Communist threat” posed by the Sandinistas—reacting particularly to the support provided to the Sandinistas by Cuban president Fidel Castro, by the Sandinistas’ close military relations with the Soviets and Cubans, but also furthering the Reagan administration’s desire to protect U.S. interests in the region, which were threatened by the policies of the Sandinista government. The United States quickly suspended aid to Nicaragua and expanded the supply of arms and training to the Contra in neighboring Honduras, as well as allied groups based to the south in Costa Rica. President Reagan called the Contras “the moral equivalent of our founding fathers.”



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We must know thy Words!

We must know thy Words!

6640HUtpI have got to admit one enduring drama that has plagued my life since I can recall. This is of course the relaxation of the United States Customs and Enforcement agencies, our US Border Patrol Agency as well as the failure of our Congress to muster up the energy to move toward our invasion protocol, or better still, declaring war upon these individuals who have lapsed into our nation and everything that goes with it.            ICE1282014_0

At first for me, was the unraveling of the Bracero proceedings. Then only a few years later, President Regan has to get into it therefore, Congress STILL doesn’t have to work, and President Regan is getting this full-blown humanitarian bull squat. I wonder if President Regan knew it would be saying, 14 million illegals are accountable for jumping over whatever fencing is there and now they are marching from Honduras’?

We have to have someone in Washington who is ready to stand up and say, “The American people do not want birthright citizenship bestowed upon an illegal being born here; moreover, the American people want their lives to be secure and safe.” Go ahead make a name for yourself.

So, therefore, now, in my opinion, it is time for our beloved Congress (both houses) to start earning their US taxpayer salaries, while doing just that – it has come time for the indelible declaration of at least allowing this “Caravan” to be stopped.

Indeed, the Constitution is quite clear on war power. Congress has the power to determine IF the country will wage offensive war and against WHOM.  Once that decision is made by the Congress, the President is in charge of waging that war. (See Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution).

downloadAs I wrote in an early-2007 article, Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, on the other hand, refers to the President as the “commander-in-chief of the army and navy of the United States.” What the founders meant by this clause was that once the war was declared, it would then be the responsibility of the President, as the commander-in-chief, to direct the war.

Alexander Hamilton supported this when he said that the President while lacking the power to declare war, would have “the direction of war when authorized.” Thus, under the Constitution, the President, acting without a Congressional declaration of war, is authorized only to repel invasion and sudden attacks.

Furthermore, pre-emptive strikes and undeclared offensive military expeditions are not powers delegated to the executive branch in the Constitution, and are, therefore, unlawful. Thomas Jefferson stated this quite eloquently when, in 1801, he said that, as President, he was “unauthorized by the Constitution, without the sanction of Congress, to go beyond the line of defense.”

Since it’s unlikely that the executive branch will limit its own power, and there’s very little evidence that the Congress will use the power of the purse to do so either, it’s going to be up to the people of the states to make that happen whether the feds want us to or not.


The Contemplative Thinker is NOT an “Open Borders” cite. We believe in the strong sovereignty of the United States. Furthermore, we believe in our system of governance. However, and most of all we believe in our rule of law. Thank you!

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Testing…Everyone hearing that? Testing…

Or some may say Testis, everyone hears that? Testicles, testis

Okay to my readers, to my Congressional officials, and to my fellow humankind that lives autopsy5in the US of America, and of course, to my avid readers internationally.

Today is the day marked out to let you know that I do indeed have a moral and ethical statement to make. Here goes…

Today I come to you with a sound mind and simply ask if you believe our political parties in America are qualified to stop foreigners, illegal aliens, and ALL else who wants to enter our nation without proper documentation, without proper plans, who without question have no concept of our laws.

We find ourselves in a rather unique position, I used to struggle with this notion; however, I no longer do. My position is that we first look at our own people, their need for health care, then we look further into a nation who has a militia that is well prepared and could be better still; however, a key to our mending as a nation must be placed along the “infrastructure level.” (HINT: Us first.)

We live in a nation that is literally falling apart. Congressional officials please this request is above board and at arm’s length please do not let this request allow you to confiscate or otherwise allow you to stuff your pork bellies full of funding and let’s move toward making out country better.

You know, once upon a time people at various universities and (ahem) political parties fixed themselves as the “liberal thinkers” or “progressive types” and demanded a name such as “Elites.” Mind you, please set in your minds that this label was not earned or commanded in any way, shape, fashion, or form. It is just a name.  41MLuUCwxRL._SL500_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-big,TopRight,35,-73_OU01_SS160_

Well someone during someday looked up the word Elite and walked away with “the choice part:”, “the best of a class:”, “the socially superior part of society:”, “a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence:”, as for me I almost thought I was stuck on conceded or vain.

Who in the Creator’s name started with this notion that people demand (Obama, Clinton, Comey, this list gets very long) elitism? It is something that is earned not because you may be an elected Representative or Senator, that was the easy part! No, no, now comes the idea of earning your keep. And the reason you are in office is perhaps predicated upon that very notion – that the person before you just didn’t get it done. Why these older-senior-seasoned-people continue to get elected is beyond me. Let’s all face it, okay, some of these people are just too old.

In some mystical place and certainly during a supernatural time some people startedcapture33(3) talking about asylum. Then I guess the same people discussed the notion of immigration control – or let’s try policies and rules. And I reasonably sure it has been the same people creating loopholes in our nation of laws that would inspire a family to walk from Honduras to the USA and all during that walk they had lawyers telling them how to achieve asylum.

Much the same thing or idea was incorporated by the ruling-wealthy-money-grubbers. Only these people stated America…the land of the American dream or a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence stated that America was the most civilized, kind, proper place on the planet earth and everyone should aspire to go there. “No, no you don’t need money, the    government takes care of all of it.”

So don’t worry about laws, or hell, even the language, health care is free, the college education will not cost a dollar –you see it’s America!


Ultimatum: We will only say “No” once; then deal with the US Armed Forces!

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Making My Statement

Making My Statement

downloadPlease any reader out there, please check under the Categories drop-down menu to see a list of what’s been written about by me and others on this site, “The Contemplative Thinker.” There can be no validation for this writing without the effect of why?

Therefore, with so much talking about this “Caravan” of marchers coming to the USA to make whatever plea to get in and once in, “make a better life for me.” Please, I ask that you bear with me in some true story events as well as milestones, but the point of my statement will always remain the same.

As a normal childhood boy growing up in Southern California, we were required to take a course in the school referred to as Health and Safety for the Growing Adolescent.  Easily for well over three quarters each and every teacher, educator, or substitute, or parent or whoever was responsible for taking on the class or classes when the person who was in charge did not show up for the day or better still, even when the teachers were there the number one discussion, we talked about, was population control.

In fact, most of our teachers opened their classroom discussions with some type of 494324463 - Copypopulation control. Most of the students thought at the time that it was to about the female students going to the school nurse or doctor to get a referral to their own doctor to be put on the birth control pill.

Don’t get me wrong – sure their constant talk encouraged families, groups of girls, and some boys to attend evening meetings with more information about the pill.

However, with the amounts of tests, surveys, and so on, for the big pharma companies what they did not plan on was the multiple realities of their given topic, population control.

And in due course, a regular surf day became over-crowded, the hitch-hiking trips to our top secret spiritual hot tubs that with each layer and pool they became hotter, to our hush-hush concerts or jam sessions never told to another human being, as well as a favorite guitarist doing tracks at the studio with one invitation handed out – was standing room only, like a free concert.



This is all written with adventures added in the new best-selling book called, An Open Autopsy on America without crunch space, but on we go. What was not explained in our classroom discussions was that when one or two million people came and settled wherever they could afford hardly anyone knew of their existence. Furthermore, when this nation had an active immigration (See Teddy Roosevelt) policy, entire families were sent home and not able to settle here on the basis of inappropriate behavior or assimilated into the American way.

Now let’s leap forward twenty or more years where there are over 12 million illegal aliens comfortably living in any way they wish! Oh yeah, it does get worse.

Now, they have colluded and retained lawyers on the American side of the border and currently are suing the United States under having no 5th Amendment rights. Excuse me, but doesn’t the US Constitution apply to US citizens only?

IMMIGRATION PROTESTSThe way it used to be: There was a time in this nation’s history, in fact, very recent history, when older and retired men found their own way to the border with a rifle in hand and went by the name of “Minutemen.” Giving one’s life protecting their nation doesn’t mean, going to Vietnam, Iraq, Egypt, Honduras, Panama, Germany, Italy, Northern Africa, or those other nations on the earth.

Protecting one’s nation means wherever there is trouble. When I hear these Caravan marchers bragging about “you see the Mexican Guardia, and patiently wait, then they go away…” I get a sense of outrage.

It is because someone (Muslims are famous for this one!) started suing the USA, then someone like a Democrat President Barack Obama had no prominence for vetting foreigners, and let’s not ever leave out Hillary Rodham Clinton for her disastrous promises to those living in poor conditions in Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Facts are folks that we’re running out of room in America to host these people. Say absolutely nothing about “how you can make your own life better in your own country.” Maybe you should ask your own government, “how much money has the USA given to us through US Aide this year?”forward-tout

Just name it – or National Parks are going to hell, why? Overpopulation from illegals. Look at your water system in Michigan, a person can drive from one coast to another and not miss a single car or somebody walking along the road.

At the border would read signs, CAUTION: YOU ARE ENTERING AN AREA WHERE THE US MILITARY TESTS AND USES ACTIVE LANDMINES. Or if the President gave them all out,



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Democratic candidates in Texas want the power of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Some aspiring Democratic candidates in Texas want to change that. They think we should decriminalize unlawful border crossings.

ICE1282014_0Others on the left want to go even further. They would essentially gut the power of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Three candidates running for office in Texas have floated a scheme to remove the power of ICE without actually getting rid of the agency, which has been what protesters and even members of Congress have been advocating over the past several months.

This includes Representative Beto O’Rourke (D., Texas), who is running for the U.S. Senate; Lupe Valdez, who is running for governor; and Democratic congressional candidate Veronica Escobar.

Seriously, just one question for all of them, and whomever outside of Texas who is trying to allow this absurd action taking place.

What the devil (who is in these details!) are you trying to do but to make the US a completely different nation? Please think of sovereignty. For those who don’t already know – to be unencumbered, making one’s own rule of law, while having a healthy regard for the US Constitution, and I believe our leadership needs to read this, not having the need for accountability to anyone outside of this nation. That accountability only applies to those who are here legally.                                    2222222

Most people would say that this scheme is reckless and irresponsible — one that, if enacted, would endanger public safety. And the latest report from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) shows why. Perhaps these candidates should read that report. Certainly, the residents of the Lone Star State should, as they are the ones who have been the victims of crimes by illegal aliens — crimes such as murder, rape, assault, robbery, and the like.

The Texas DPS, which includes among its divisions one of the most storied state law-enforcement agencies in America, the Texas Rangers, collected data on all of the illegal aliens booked into Texas jails between June 1, 2011, and July 31, 2018 — more than 175,000. Excuse me, but every state within this Union should be required to do this – or no money.

Many of these charges are still pending, but these arrests have already resulted in morecapture33(3) than 112,000 convictions, including 225 murder convictions, 12,540 assault convictions, 152 kidnapping convictions, 1,567 sexual-assault convictions, and 1,076 sexual-offense convictions.

The number of crimes committed in Texas by illegal aliens may actually be higher. In total, more than 261,000 aliens were arrested in Texas from 2011 to 2018, of which more than 175,000 were immediately identified as being in the U.S. illegally. However, according to the Texas DPS report, these crime numbers only include aliens who “previously had an encounter” with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “that resulted in their fingerprints being entered into” the department’s “IDENT” database.

Aliens who get into the country successfully without being detected by DHS, but who are later arrested by Texas law enforcement for violating a state law, aren’t in the DHS system and “do not appear in these [Texas] counts.” Yikes.


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