The Time has finally come…Today!

220px-Sydprot   Seriously  now folks, from the Democrat constant voting regarding the DREAM Act, furthermore, “Open the borders,” to the US doesn’t need sovereignty, we’ll just make room for illegal immigrants, and now it is  some type of legislation that says, “Illegals Can Vote.”

Let’s joggle the memory:  Is it me or does the entire nation or world remember the eleven times the DREAM Act, amnesty, a pathway to citizenship, and legalization procedures has been taken to a vote and all eleven times these idiosyncrasies have been defeated? So, what’s different now? The only thing that is different is that these illegals are caravanning up to the border in furious numbers.

I distinctly remember a time when I wrote columns titled, “Enough is Enough,” or “When is Enough, Enough,” believe me, I have written so much about the fiascoes, mismanagement, and specifics about how unorthodox our Congress is and has been functioning, one could find just about anything that has gone wrong or is certifiably wrong. A little assistance from Albert Einstein insomuch as this was very much his definition of being insane.

Judicial Watch already has ex-president Barack Obama’s name and fingerprints on some of the documentation. Have we, as a people, as a nation seem to have conveniently forgotten about many of these congruent truths?

Now the Democrats seem to have forgotten Eric Holder the then US Attorney General, supplying guns and other ordinances to the cartel members to fight against US Border Patrol as well as the Mexican Army. Bryan Terry a former USBP agent was killed by two of these guns purchased in Arizona at Terry’s killing spot. And although they did not gripe when US Attorney Eric Holder delayed and didn’t even turn over more than 100,000 pages of legal documents these many of the same Democrats want an unredacted copy of their savior’s Mueller Report.

And to top it all off, Hillary Rodham Clinton spread classified and Top-Secret intelligence around the world to include America’s enemies, then has the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, meet on the tarmac to have a little conversation with former president William Clinton? ave President Donald Trump – who now holds every record that every president tries illegally or otherwise to own. If Mr. Trump did 0.0001 percent of what Barack Obama had done sure, I’d be writing about it, just to be fair. Why don’t you people just say, “Great job Mr. President,” instead of trying to roast this man?

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