Dear Sirs and Madams AND Experts as well as others”

It is with great and unfortunate remorse that  I find myself having to write this document to whoever might have the where-with-all and or courage to try and rectify it. Which is my kindest and greatest of hopes?

Usually, as we get older, we look and take mental notes as to whether or not our messages that we have either portrayed or writing for myself, have taught to others through either an academic or the lifestyle process.

I do wish to state that I started writing my blog originally known as The Thinker: [and tag]  in early 2007 and have since found out that my blog was one of the first officially published by Word Press. I continued writing that blog including others such as American Age, Simpleminds a fashion and culture blog, and the original called, The Contemplative Thinker every day, by every month and every year until approximately 2018.

Never did I authorize anyone with the company (WordPress) to make decisions with regards to my money or credit card which was demanded be left on file. It was during this time when I began to get suspicious about the “automatic re-establishment of price or any other ‘call for finance’” by WordPress.

I do not think that any humanoids will experience reading this letter; albeit, I do not care inasmuch as I only aspire to let those who do read be the judge pursuant to how I have been treated.

I became suspicious of WordPress business dealings in late 2015 when I took notice of my credit card receipt with charges of various types by WordPress became openly visible to me. Again, I do want the following to be known I specifically wrote a little to WordPress explaining that I was withdrawing my credit facility inasmuch as I had begun to notice unauthorized charges for “Specialist” services included. Basically, what I am stating is that when given the opportunity to change blog templates for free, or change the background color of blogs FOR FREE, I did so.

I choose the original blog that had the six interchangeable backgrounds in the header. I did this for the art purpose as well as having the means to show a different mood with the writing. Further to that point, I noticed that WordPress started billing me for “creative changes,” which nowhere was stated that changing the color of the background of my blog was going to cost me money.

It was predicated upon that fact and that fact alone that WordPress immediately changed the agreement and stated that I had “Specialized in changing my blog” and without even a letter of notification began charging me for that price! I don’t know what all it came to but over $100.00 to regain my publishing rights.

Unknown to WordPress’ prima-donnas, I had begun writing my own book An Open Autopsy on America, leaving little time for me to engage in my own blog. However, when book writing was completed, I was being charged in excess of $200.00 in “Specialized Services” which I certainly cannot account for inasmuch as I didn’t even attempt to write.

Now the BIG NEWS; I was unable to ever get back to my old blog again! WordPress, somehow by ignorance or happenstance changed my password and it took me five (5) months to get the first expert to get back in touch with me to explain what was wrong. This is all about a small company that got to BIG – “We now publish 93% of the Internet’s blogs…”


Paul A. Schilling aka J. Paul Schilling, the original “onemorecup” [username] and “Sydney” [password].

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Academia, Constitution, Musicianship, all around Caucasian male, straight, and professes Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life. Guitars -- Classical, Acoustic, A/E, Strat, a real bassist at heart, Les Paul Standard bass.
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