Following up today where we left off yesterday regarding political correctness and its ostensible attack on American traditions, ways of life, and against the roots of the very society through the manipulation of its language. Please remember our thesis: Most civilizations prior to total collapse have endeavored to manipulate its language. In our earlier writings (please see our page at top or select, “politically correct” in the archives) we’ve outlined this phenomenon as well as the Socialist and the Communist movements with their attacks on government as well as all of the people included. Again we have drawn upon David Kupelian’s voluminous work and detailed study.

All of this is not, however, just a matter of annoyingly manipulative “word games.” Our civilization is literally being turned upside-down through the strategic redefinition (and therefore transformation) of our society’s operating principles.

Today’s most obvious case in point: Barack Obama, a far-left radical manifestly hostile toward free-market capitalism and American exceptionalism – in fact, to just about everything American – but who campaigned using powerfully evocative words of national restoration and reconciliation. “Hope,” “change,” “fairness,” “justice,” “reform” and “transparency” would usher in a bright new era of “healing” and “unifying” America and the world through this charismatic young leader’s “post-racial,” “post-partisan” presidency. What we got instead was a jarringly narcissistic, supremely demagogic and corrupt Chicago politician, lacking both in experience and wisdom, and displaying breathtaking contempt for America’s Constitution and its best-in-the-world system of government.

If the ongoing language war consisted solely of one man’s use of emotionally compelling catch-phrases – like Obama’s current re-election favorites (“Everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules”) and his ceaseless appeals to raw envy (attacks on “millionaires and billionaires,” “hedge-fund managers” and “oil-company executives”) – it wouldn’t be difficult for truth to prevail.

But the political and cultural left has hijacked virtually our entire language in the last couple of generations. It has redefined many key words, phrases and concepts, changing not only the words we use, but the way we think. Consider:

Equalityhas been utterly redefined. To previous generations, equality – as in Jefferson’s phrase in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” – referred to our being equal in our God-given rights before the law. Today’s idea of equality, however, is based on the virtual repudiation of meaning and morality and God Himself. Good and evil are basically “equal.” As I write in “The Marketing of Evil”:

Today, in the rarified but toxic air of multiculturalism and political correctness, all cultures and all values are of equal value. The most ignorant, oppressive, suffocating, women-hating kind of culture – where people’s hands and feet are amputated as punishment for petty offenses – is now worthy of equal respect to Western culture, which has provided most of the world’s knowledge, progress, food, medicine, technology, quality of life, representative government, and liberty. This moral inversion, which proclaims that all cultures are equal, has extended to virtually every area of society.

“Love” too has been redefined. At its finest, love is a spiritual quality of selfless, sacrificial caring about others, epitomized by Jesus when He said on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The soldier who falls on an enemy grenade to save the lives of his fellow warriors acts out of love. But today, “love” has reached a low point – the word is used to sanctify same-sex marriage and celebrate what once were called “vile affections.” Even pedophiles creepily talk about “men and the boys they love” to justify their crimes. After all, how can love be vile? For many, our idea of “love” – basically, our feelings of attraction toward anything to which we are addicted – is now firmly in the gutter, like “equality.

Again and make no mistake about this whatsoever; reprehensible, immoral, and shameful changing the meaning of words by manipulation has dishonorable intentions. Please at all costs let’s not be fooled by these actions over and over again. We need to stop this ridiculous notion of polite political correctness.

“Justice,” likewise, has been redefined. Phrases such as “social justice” and “economic justice” are euphemisms for confiscating, by threat and raw force, what belongs justly to others – in other words, injustice. Likewise, “affirmative action” is imposed and defended in the name of justice, but is inherently unjust: The most qualified applicant for a job is turned down in favor of another, because that other person has the right skin color. That used to be called racial discrimination (a great injustice), but now the same act is rationalized as “social justice.”



We’re sure those that having a read at our site has certainly noticed our individual page marker on the menu up-top under the heading of “Political Correctness.” And hopefully you are aware that several of us here have studied language – some different dialects while others have studied linguistics – or where words come from and how societies throughout history have gone extinct or otherwise in lieu of language manipulation and change.

The following article’s key points are from David Kupelian, who is an award-winning journalist, who has earned our respect. Furthermore, if anyone were to spend time looking at our political correctness page or search the archives for other articles that have been written that espouse the same issues and key points.

A major engine for the left’s insatiable quest for power goes under the strange name of “political correctness” – an insidious frontal attack on common sense and conscience through language manipulation.

Many people mistakenly regard political correctness as just a nutty liberal fetish for not hurting people’s feelings. Words and phrases are continually decreed to be “insensitive” to various “minorities” and therefore replaced with euphemisms so as to avoid real or perceived offense.

People who are mentally retarded used to be called “idiots,” “imbeciles” and “morons” – psychological terms that correspond to different IQ ranges (0-25 for idiots, 26-50 for imbeciles, 51-70 for morons). But as those words gradually came to be considered offensive, the euphemism “retarded” came into vogue. When “retarded” came to be regarded as insensitive, new-and-nicer euphemisms like “intellectual disability” and being “intellectually challenged” emerged, culminating with “special.” It’s hard to be offended over being “special.”

In like manner, the deaf became “hearing impaired,” the blind “vision impaired” and the crippled “mobility impaired,” inspiring a new breed of cocktail-party jokes wherein the bald are “folically challenged” and so on.

More subversively, however, people’s ignoble or criminal qualities became disguised and excused with euphemisms: “Illegal aliens” became “illegal immigrants” and then “undocumented immigrants” and presto-chango, something bad was magically transformed into something good.

Homosexuals became “gay,” abortion advocates became “pro-choice” and atheists became “brights,” each euphemism converting a negative association into a positive one. Today, increasing numbers of people refer to pedophilia as “intergenerational sex” and child molesters as “minor-attracted persons” or MAPs. (In Islam, the popular euphemism for pedophilia is “child marriage,” just as adultery is called “temporary marriage.” Really, now.)

Of course, Islam has become a major beneficiary of political correctness, reminiscent of what George Orwell called “Newspeak” in his novel “1984.” After 19 Muslim terrorists, acting in the name of Islam, murdered almost 3,000 Americans in a wanton act of war on Sept. 11, 2001, the government and media, to avoid offending Muslims, declared Islam to be a “religion of peace.”

The Islamic jihad declared on America was mysteriously referred to by our leaders as a “war on terror” involving some unnamed enemy. But even that awkward and evasive expression was deemed too insensitive toward Islam, so under Obama the euphemizing turned surreal when “war on terror” morphed into “overseas contingency operations.” Likewise, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano came up with a friendly new phrase for mass-murder terror attacks. Announcing that she was deliberately avoiding the term “terrorism” in speeches because “we want to move away from the politics of fear,” she adopted the term “man-caused disasters.” We will continue with this article tomorrow, thank you.



Where does all this stuff that you’ve heard about on this blog – the victim, feminism, the gay rights movement, the invented statistics, the rewritten history, the lies, the demands, corruption, discrimination and all the rest of it – where does it come from? For the first time in our history, Americans have to be fearful of what they say, of what they write, and of what they think. They have to be afraid of using the wrong word, a word denounced as offensive or insensitive, or racist, sexist, or homophobic and it still gets worse.

Have you ever simply stopped yourself when speaking – wondering if what you are about to say is right, wrong, proper, improper, correct or incorrect – and having experienced some type of apprehension by not knowing if what you’re about to say will be acceptable? Seriously have you ever found yourself wondering – hum, where did that come from?

In more cases than not this is called “Political Correctness.” The name originated as something of a joke, literally in a comic strip, and we tend still to think of it as only half-serious. In fact, it’s deadly serious. It is the great disease of our century, the disease that has left tens of millions of people dead in Europe, in Russia, in China, indeed around the world. It is the disease of ideology. ‘PC’ is not funny. ‘PC’ is deadly serious.

When one refers to ideology most often they are addressing a system of social beliefs – a closely organized system of beliefs, values, and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic, or political plan that in turn, assists in defining that particular social structure.

If we look at it analytically, moreover when we look at it historically, we quickly find out exactly what it is. In its simplest form this ideological assumption is an attempt to analyze cultural forms in relation to their production, their overlapping with society and history, and their impact and influences on audiences and social life. Furthermore, political correctness’ target is of course the people who live within the given culture.

Political correctness is a cultural idiom that uses language as its power. The entire notion of being politically correct connects with the social domain through being the primary means of communication within the domain, and through being both a site of, and a stake in, struggles for power. In other words everyone uses some means of communication we refer to as language.

Ideology has been called the basis of the social representations of groups as long as it is able to adequately and relevantly produce insights into the way discourse reproduces (or resists) social and political inequality, power abuse or domination. Lovely in writing; however, in reality it is the manipulation of that language – reproducing or resisting – that creates social inequality.

Or in other words, by manipulating language – the definitions and ideologies that represent meaning – that disrupts equilibrium politically, socially, behaviorally, and culturally are changed, ergo, the culture. (We will be discussing Marxian theory, fascism, racism, and the double standards that are inherent in the mix of political correctness.)


Can you understand NOW where being PC is in the way?

When President Obama nominated federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court, ethnic advocacy groups praised the selection of the first Latino to the nation’s highest court.

Yet some political opponents, sought to downplay the nomination’s significance by pointing out that Benjamin N. Cardozo, who served on the Supreme Court in the 1930s, was born to parents who claimed Portuguese descent. So did that make him the first Latino?

The question since has been hotly debated in the blogs and other media. Then on Thursday, the Pew Hispanic Center issued a report that said Sotomayor, whose parents were Puerto Rican, is indeed the first Latino Supreme Court nominee. But the authors added that the category depends on how people define themselves, meaning that Cardozo might argue differently were he still alive.

Oh we’ve written about labels here before – the politically correct kind, the creating division between people kind – not to mention the altogether false labels that some will stoop to for their own personal agendas. And lest we never forget – America’s own affair with various special interest groups. Please see this article.

As for us, this entire notion of “the first Latina ever nominated to the Supreme Court…as well as only the third woman to ever be nominated for the Supreme Court…” is it wrong to conclude that this is about labeling rather than substance?

Obama, in an attempt to repay the millions of Hispanic voters back for their support in 2008, of course makes his selection based on ethnicity and gender. However, it seems now that Sonia Sotomayor’s record as a Judge is coming under a great deal more scrutiny – even more than Obama gave it.

In a recent article, it was noted by many researchers and scholars that advocacy groups praised Sotomayor, a New-York born Puerto Rican, as the first Hispanic, which prompted political opponents to argue that Cardozo’s Portuguese heritage qualified him as the first Hispanic.

If that sounds confusing, consider the fact that “Hispanic” is a word made up by federal bureaucrats preparing for the 1980 U.S. census, in an attempt to categorize what was becoming an increasingly diverse population of residents with roots in “Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico” and other Spanish-speaking places, according to the Pew report.

“People didn’t really know what the word meant . . . and that seemed to be true of Hispanics and non-Hispanics,” according to Jeffery Passel.

By the mid-1980s, however, the term was used widely enough to make it into the Oxford English Dictionary, which partially defines it as “pertaining to Spain or its people.” The first definition in Webster’s New World is “Spanish or Spanish-and-Portuguese,” adding force to the argument that Cardozo was Hispanic.


Political Correctness and Lowering the Bar

Somehow I believe when President Theodore Roosevelt originally stated this I believe he was being politically correct. Furthermore, I also believe that if someone were to bring political correctness any where near him, his wrath may be worse than fury. On to reflection:

“In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us…

This is the way it was; however, this is the exact sentiment that made America the greatest country on earth. Not to long ago immigrants came in good faith, in fact, praying that they would be allowed to live in freedom and to have rights. These same people disavowed themselves with their former governments and pledged their allegiance to the United States.

But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…

There it is! When yesterday’s immigrants came through the gates into America, the oaths they espoused had meaning. It is a privilege to live in the United States and those who came knew no alliance to any other. They worked and waited and studied, and worked and waited. Those who had accents from their former manner of language tried dutifully to speak like an American.

In those days, although the immigrant studied civics which was required, it was more important to them to learn the language. Civics was easy to those who wanted a place to call home and mastering the concepts was easy.

There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.

What happened to this standard? This is indeed the most pronounced bit of rubbish ever tolerated by any nation anywhere. As for me, when I see someone with a hyphen in their names or identifiers I immediately pause to think of a ‘hidden agenda.’ Call it what you will; however, anytime a person needs a ‘last name’ or a ‘Blank-American’ there is also an ulterior motive.

We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Anything outside of these standards is unacceptable! It is okay to celebrate diversity when that time comes; however, demanding how America celebrates her holidays is just plain wrong! Spewing such absurdities as “…oh that’s okay honey, you don’t need to pledge your Alligence to the flag…” is doing far more damage than good every day of the week.

Lots more coming…

Common Sense

'Unified -- United States'

‘Unified — United States’

During the recent Independence Day holiday some of us had a wonderful experience to engage upon some new releases, especially Glenn Beck’s new book Common Sense.

Today’s writing has noting whatsoever to do with a book review. However, this article does have everything to do with a humble American writer who has been maintaining a theory of “Dismantling America” through the use of language change, multiculturalism, reckless illegal immigration, and the ever-present Politically Correct Police who we feel is the real culprit behind dismantling our nation. (Please see the following articles here and here.)

Actually for discussion today is in the notion of how this writer had an epiphany as he was able to see his dismantling theory unfold before his very eyes. Moreover, having been validated by a renowned radio talk-show host, political scientist, and a member of the Fox News organization really set the tone with his very short, clear, concise, and to the point statements.

quote The abuses being perpetrated by our government are just as obvious now as they were then (1776 – Colonial Era), but instead of raising up with a collective voice, we sit idly by and watch as our hard-won freedoms slowly dissolve into a puddle of apathy, political correctness, and outright corruption.

We feel helpless and alone as we hear confusing debates over obscure issues play out on the airwaves daily. But that’s the lie. The infighting and the purposeful division promoted by our political parties is a simple ploy to keep us from uniting. After all, a citizenry that fights among itself over petty differences is too busy to notice the real cause of its problems.

Seriously now – take a look around, especially at this site – and read the material that has stymied America’s growth. Furthermore, the ability of America to function as the super-power — economically, militarily, and without question the greatest humanitarian nation in history is again diverted by bickering and finger pointing.

We have written about political correctness which in fact is a separator amongst gender, sexual orientation, tolerance, special interest groups, and people. In any country when it’s language is being changed daily by the ‘Elites’ of that society whereby confusion is caused cannot be good. (Please see here and here.)

Just this morning when legislation was introduced (get this!) that sitting committees and members of congress must read the contents of a Bill has drawn more criticism by colleagues that cheers. Some members literally laughed at the proposition of this new legislation. People, we need to wake up! We need to take our country back!

However, not one year ago today – a junior Senator spending upwards of $800,000,000.00 (eight hundred million dollars) for his bid for the Presidency, vowed that each piece of new legislation would be published on the Internet for 72 hours prior to any voting so that the American people could have a chance to read the proposed Bill. Now then, Mr. President Obama, where is your integrity on just this one issue?’




“Pass them…no matter what!” (And political correctness)


From the film, Falling Down

As an example of time honored traditions becoming only figments of our imagination, one need only look as far as what is happening to the holidays that America observes. Can any American over the age of twenty say that the celebration of Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, and especially Thanksgiving Day, are remotely the same as they were when you were younger? (I didn’t think so…)

Believe it or not this is the work of the politically correct guru’s. And for the longest time their rationale has worked on a trusting, naive, and loyal society. We’ve all been sold on the bill of goods that a person’s self-esteem and self-worth are issues that we need to be sensitive about, sure, but not overly sensitive.

For as long as I can remember we’ve been made to believe that Randy’s self-image is based on him being right; moreover, our PC gang would have us believe that Randy should never face anxiety or stress in any form. Does this sound remotely like real life?

As educator’s most of us here have seen and lived this rubbish. When we all qualified for our ‘Certification’ as teachers we vowed to teach children the way of life, perhaps even the realities of life. But no, no, no; if we were to do that there would be more law suits for just about everything.

These politically correct lunatics have had their way for so long – get this political correctness from the great state of California: When high-school graduation dipped to 70% the ‘lefties’ went crazy! It was the educator’s who had done this; those teachers don’t know what they’re doing!

Ut-oh grades are coming out! And do you know what these namby-pamby school administrators subscribed too? Pass them, no matter what…pass them. It got so bad that when students did not have enough legitimate credits to graduate…in rolls the PC police. Rather than not being able to attend the graduation ceremony (self-esteem, self-worth…) it was decided to make a minuscule change to the ceremony: Those who had earned the grades and credits graduated normally – being presented with diploma and move that tassel to the other side.

However, for those ‘other’ students the school administrators concocted a Certificate of Attendance/Completion placed it in the diploma folder and no one knew the difference.

Now we pose this situation to you…is anyone benefiting from this denigration of America’s youth? And the left knows this answer as well as anyone; furthermore, what they have succeeded in doing is seeing to it that any person, albeit, disabled, challenged, or hyphenated it’s okay…don’t worry your government will take care of you.




Dismantling Language, ergo, dismantling America?
Political Correct bookBefore we even go into the nonsensical notions of being “Politically Correct” (PC) and we will get there – however – something needs to be stated about the current situation in Iran. We don’t know what news you watch or listen too, or even if you do for that matter, yet, this is perhaps the greatest lesson or depiction one would ever dream of seeing when a society is without natural rights.

Many of us take for granted the concept of having natural, human, and civil rights. Believe us when we say that there have been moments in America’s history when the protesting was worse. Why do we all believe in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s?

However quickly, we extend our hands, sympathies, and empathy to one of the oldest civilizations known to humankind – Persia – and remember to have conscience and understanding when exercising your right to free speech.

Addressing this notion of being PCwhen we left off yesterday, we had brought forth the notion that the constant changing of names, labels, and identifiers for whatever reason and the backlash of doing so causes a slow dismantling of language of a society, ergo, the actual dismantling of the society itself.

How many remember dodge ball? This particular game was the number one (#1) when I was growing up. Now, do you think for an instant I was thinking about my self-esteem? Get real! Interestingly enough I was thinking about Jill, Debbie, and ‘Big Martha’ insofar as during this time is when younger girls develop at a faster rate than little boys do. And for some unknown reason we just couldn’t let the girls win every time, right? Or so that’s what I thought.

Not so for the lefty’s in charge of political correctness. Here is a quote from an individual who works at the National Association for Sport and Physical Education:

“The object ‘to throw things at the kids, to hit the kids, and then thereby eliminate them from participation’ is not consistent with wanting them to be participating.” [1]

Then out of the blue the left-oriented PC squad went from ridiculous to overwhelming frightening! Dodge ball was one thing but when these politically correct folks launched into children’s birthday parties my gosh, was there going to be an end?

For those who need a refresher, this was when the PC police issued the proclamation that opening of gifts whilst all the other children were present somehow made the ‘birthday child’ feel superior to their friends; moreover, it gets worse, the PC police didn’t want the poor little children to be embarrassed insofar as their gifts may not have been as nice as the others. In essence the rationale behind this kind of thinking was that no child should ever have to suffer any humiliation at all.

Just a short itty-bitty-reflection on these aforementioned PC-ness issues; The entire notion behind playing dodge ball or whatever ball is to develop athletic skills, abilities, as well as hand to eye coordination. Can we all say ‘social interaction’? Maybe it is just some people having too much time on their hands conjuring up new ways to say things. Or then again, the end of all ends is to dismantle a language, then a society. Part 2 on the implications of Political Correctness


If you need proof…read this!

What is correct about politics?

What is correct about politics?

We’ve addressed the notion of political correctness on this site before – actually on several occasions – yet to this end several of us believe that there is a “Hidden Agenda” insofar as the politically correct police are constantly moving and constantly changing society and therein lies its detriment.

Seriously no one seems to know just – precisely – when this rubbish actually began. Please don’t get us wrong here; however, academic scholars and linguists are working to try and find the ‘beginning.’ Like most of us around here the notion of being P.C. for us didn’t actually start until perhaps the early 1980s.

We can all relate to when stewardesses became Flight attendants and firemen became Firefighters. May it never be that there is a Chairman of the board but rather a Chairperson. As we traverse through a brief history or being ‘P.C.’ remember when being handicapped became Physically Challenged or even Disabled; somewhere in the timeline is when Indians became Native Americans.

I kid you not! Who here remembers when Stanford University – being one of the leading academic institutions – aspired to become the leading P.C. Police Department by changing the sporting teams’ names from the Stanford Indians to the Stanford Cardinal? Funniest thing about this mess is that there is no reference to what ‘Cardinal’ actually is; consequently, it could be a bird, definitely a color (red), and a Catholic pious individual maybe?

Then the hyphenated business started up and it was how long you could make your identification. Recently in a survey, an overwhelming majority of African-Americans responded that they’d rather be indentified as ‘black’ than African-Americans. In fact, a big majority of people living in the United States are offended by the use of hyphenated ethnic backgrounds and every other ‘issue’ one could attach to their name.

This of course was during the time of Mexican-Americans, Italian-Americans, and lest I never forget this scenario: First it was ‘I am Black…then came Black and Proud…then don’t you dare call me a Black, I am a person of ‘color,’ then came the ‘let’s embrace our heritage’ with Afro-Americans, to ‘misplaced Africans’ to back to being black with a little ‘b.’ Just plain old black…isn’t that how it started?

All things being equal folks most of us began feeling self-conscious before we spoke! Do I have it right…the latest? Who am I going to offend? In all sincerity, we became afraid we might say something that was the wrong term.

Research has shown that once the P.C. crowd and their police adopted the newer language then they also started the undoing of time-honored American traditions.

This little exposé on being politically correct has roughly four parts; we will be addressing some Marxism, fascism, racism, and the double standards inherent in being “Politically Correct.”




Discrimination, Political Correctness, Decline

Discrimination, Political Correctness, Decline

Discrimination, Political Correctness, Decline

A community declines when the majority of its citizens become selfish, and under this influence it slowly dismantles all the restraints upon self-indulgence established by manners, customs, beliefs, and law. In other words, the clearly established norms and traditions get lost into extinction. ( Please read here.)

Indeed no where is this more clearly pronounced than in the notion of “Multiculturalism” the notion of who We are, where We came from, and We’re going to do what We please; because in Your U.S. Constitution we are protected by those rights. (Please see here.)

And quite simply we don’t find all that much being more offensive than that of the hesitancy for those who immigrate to the United States and immediately despise any form of assimilation. Not long ago I read an article on how those immigrants who’ve come here demanding to wear their turbans, or their little knives or daggers, literally want time off to go pray – and this one I’ll never forget (below).

At the university where I went to graduate school there were these lovely and quite expensive baths of some sort located in the rest rooms. Openly I did not know what they were. In fact the closest thing I’d ever seen to this quality masonry was a pet fountain on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Seriously, I didn’t know if these ‘baths’ were Turkish baths, something for the disabled, heck, I just didn’t know so I went and asked. You’ve probably already figured it out – these high quality, tile lined floors, each with a down spout for water, deluxe with a towel hanging right next to the water adjustment faucet, and an awesome redwood bench that surrounded the entire enclosure; these very fancy ‘baths’ were for those who observed the Muslim faith for foot washing.

America has been accommodating so many and for so long, do you ever think of ‘Reverse Discrimination’?

Now I make no qualm about it – it offended me that the state and federal governments were so accommodating to our Middle Eastern students. Yet, back on point here, isn’t there a clear violation of my Constitutional rights under the first amendment? Please visit here.

At the community level the America society is declining to the point of decay. We’ve written on “hedonism” that pervades our nation; we’ve written about special interest groups who will see their agenda’s get special attention and special money; furthermore, we have a problem with our government at the local level, state level, and federal level for simply sitting back – doing absolutely nothing – regarding runaway illegal immigration, even considering same-sex marriages, and running up record deficits with spending, spending, and more spending. (Additional reading here.)

Why are we selling out to the Chinese? Iran? And every other nation who pats us on the back with one hand yet plunges the dagger into the heart with the other. (Must reading here.)

Our theory here at The Thinker is that there exists an unhealthy ‘proverbial’ link between discrimination, political correctness, with the use of special interest groups to finance the dismantling of America. (Great writing here.)

Still have more coming…


Does being ‘PC’ cause Discrimination?

Screw PC

PC, Discrimination, What suits you?

What is being politically correct? Many argue that being “PC” taints the real meaning of words; others debate that the entire notion is an attempt at being more civil. Therefore we decided to welcome “all comers” where hopefully you will weigh—in and allow this readership the value of your wisdom.

Accordingly, we will begin presenting what we’ve researched and collected up to this point. Are you in?

“Political Correctness” (PC) is the communal tyranny that erupted in the 1980s. It was a spontaneous declaration that particular ideas, expressions, and behavior, which were then legal, should be forbidden by law, and people who transgressed should be punished. (See Newspeak bottom page.)

Inasmuch as the Courts and Congress are involved with this abusive power against how a person expresses themselves; moreover, how constitutional rights and freedoms are abused we refer to the notion of political correctness as a huge form of tyranny.

It started with a few voices but grew in popularity until it became written and unwritten law within the community. With those who were publicly declared as being not politically correct becoming the object of persecution by the mob, if not prosecution by the state, or under other pretenses by individuals. (See Elaine Huguenin)

To attempt to point out the odious nature of political correctness is to restate the crucial importance of plain speaking, freedom of choice, and freedom of speech. These are the community’s safe-guards against the imposition of tyranny, which is why any such restrictions on expression such as those invoked by the laws of libel, slander and public decency, are grave matters to be decided by common law methodology; not by the dictates of the mob or subject to any other “Acts” as name nomenclature.

The declared rationale of this tyranny is to prevent people from being offended; to compel everyone to avoid using words or behavior that may upset homosexuals, women, non-whites, the crippled, the stupid, the fat or the ugly. This reveals not only its absurdity but its inspiration.

The set of values that are detested are those held by the previous generation (those who fought the Second World War), which is why the terms niggers, coons, dagos, hillbillies, queers, spastics and faggots, have become heresy, for, in an act of infantile rebellion, their subject have become revered by the new generation, in fact, en vogue as it were for whites to become as blacks, street talking and walking ladies – in middle to secondary education – now ‘sexting’ and sending photos of themselves in all manner of positions to anyone over the internet. In this fashion, being politically correct is much the same as:

Political Correctness is merely the resentment of spoiled children directed against their parent’s values, or the community at large.

A community declines when the majority of its citizens become selfish, and under this influence it slowly dismantles all the restraints upon self-indulgence established by manners, customs, beliefs, and law. In other words, the clearly established norms and traditions. (Sound familiar?)

Indeed no where is this more clearly pronounced in the notion of “Multiculturalism” the notion of who we are, where we came from, and we’re going to do what we please; because in your U.S. Constitution we are protected by those rights.

More, oh much more, later


The Many Doors of Society

Doors of Diversity

Doors of Diversity

Many of us at The Thinker believe that this issue of ‘political correctness’ has gone completely overboard. This is not the first time any one of us has written about the notion of labels or how through special interest groups, it seems that everyone must have one of these special monikers.

However, in survey after survey and poll after poll the results still overwhelmingly support the idea that people simply are put-off, offended, or in some instances even feel divided from the norm because of being labeled.

Seriously now folks just about every way we turn there is a brand new label popping up as an identifier for what…the human beings that live in America. Realistically, what is anyone trying prove or accomplish by using race or ethnicity with which to identify themselves?

What does it accomplish if a person is say…an African-American, Asian-American, Italian-American, or one the newer, Hispanic-Americans or Indian-Americans? At times it seems like the 1980’s with the familiar line: What sign are you, of course referring to astrological signs.

I clearly recall a survey done recently that asked African-Americans what they preferred, and how they wanted to identify themselves. The majority simply said, “Black.” However, for special interest groups who have an agenda and money is involved the simple wishes of a black person was deemed to mundane and ordinary.

We are of the opinion that the hyphenation in America is offensive, divisive, and in almost all cases destructive. If one were to ever look at the words or phrase it actually is an oxymoron. One can either be an African or an American; Asian or an American. Furthermore, I am convinced that these special labels are used more by those who know absolutely nothing about the culture, heritage, or customs of a race or ethnicity of the individuals–just a way to label them.

Please don’t misunderstand me; there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of, or celebrating one’s heritage. Think of the various observances, or even family get together’s that have more food than any professional athletic team could eat with deluxe festivities.

The uniqueness of America is that the nation is, and has been from the start multicultural, diverse, and based on these features alone, it sure makes us special. Yet, the really specialness is in knowing that we are and that we need not go to extremes labeling it.
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What is Political Correctness?

Alligence is to America

Alligence is to America

Hyphenation appears to be offensive to most Americans. Most Americans over thirty years of age have been raised “God, Country, and Religion” which of course refers to the hierarchical belief system predicated upon those who settled the new nation. I like to use the expression: “If you cut me then red, white, and blue blood comes gushing out.”

Immediately upon reading Fareed Siddiq’s comments it is easy to see why many Americans would be curious of his demeanor. First, referring to oneself as Muslim-American only serves to show where a particular person’s loyalties lie. Stating such claims as, “I am an American” is so much more profound than “I am a Scottish-Hispanic-African-Canadian-Muslim-American.” Admittedly most Americans upon hearing “Blank-American” feel jaded as though there exists something else more important than what they are aware.

Some religions and faiths have been discriminated against and still do not place it before being an American. I haven’t heard of a Catholic-American though the Catholic faith is one of the most oppressed factions of American society. And the Jews! Can we ever stop apologizing? In my humble opinion, a person is going to receive religious tolerance before any other issue in America because the Founding Fathers made a point of addressing that in the first order of business.

“What are we doing with public diplomacy to change the hearts and minds of a billion and a half Muslims around the world.”

Quite openly, if I had a question to ask the president of the United States of America I’m not sure it would be this one. However, I do think that President Bush’s answer was really quite good and so did Siddiq, yet not “good enough.” Allow me if you will: Is it America’s responsibility to change the hearts and minds of a billion people? Seriously, all things being equal, if America tried to make information more readily available (electronic media, leaflets, and a huge student visa problem) through mass media it either would be censored or branded “infidel madness.”

“It’s the young people I am concerned with. Those are the people we need to try—Not only as Muslims, but as Americans—to make them feel part of America. If you alienate the Muslim young people from America that is dangerous.”

Isn’t this really the responsibility of ones parents? In American history one would find this to be a backward scenario; in this country it is not being raised as a Muslim, Catholic, Jew, or Hindu; however, it is about—being American—so by raising our children as Americans first with religious belief systems as discipline and character (which is after all what religion is) then younger Americans will not feel alienated insofar as they are in the mainstream.

With all due respect to every new immigrant whether natural or foreign born allow me to respond: Somewhere, in sometime ago, people in their crazed “political correctness” started using terms such as diversity or rather than becoming part of the whole—Melting pot—let’s all be ourselves and throw all caution to the wind and each one of us celebrate our ethnic and cultural heritage—Salad bowl—scenario where each piece of the salad is separate from the whole. Shame on them!

No one can deny that Islam is having an identity problem right now and has for many years. There are renegade factions sprouting up, cells of Islamic fanaticism, and quite a difference in the natural process of aging whereby older Muslims are having a very difficult time with new and younger Muslims. Through change one grows…and through growth one changes.

This concludes part two on a short series entitled, “Islam, Muslims, and America.”


Tellin’ it the way it is!


Oh spew! I really like the word spew; it is one of the few words these days that actually feel and sound what it states. Another one that’s good is puke. I mean that is one realistic word; literally sounds like what happens at that last nanosecond right before one’s mouth involuntarily opens and here come the chips! That is how I feel when I think of people wanting to change the traditions and history of our country.

Okay folks…let’s get it right this time! It’s Memorial Day; this is a day that Congress felt was so important that national observance should be paid with respect to our fallen soldiers of every war. Being able to enjoy life the way we do and to have the things we have is easily enough to say, “Thanks mate, for giving loyal service and your life for me and mine.” Cheers!

This phenomenon of changing the names of holidays and constantly wanting to add to it—for whatever reason—in my view has got to stop. Hey Congress! Over here, stop trying to please everyone all of the time, starting with yourselves.Take a look here:

Why do we need to even entertain the idea of having to put the “Christ” back in Christmas? How did Easter Break and Christmas Break become Winter and Spring break? Collectively, let’s try and find 200 people who really know what Kwanzaareally is. This sh*t utterly evokes the gag reflex in my mouth. Why are we compelled in this country to lay out so much for those who have done very little?

Moreover, one of the biggest social changes in my lifetime has been this entire notion of “political correctness.” In reality as far as I am concerned those two words when linked together create an interesting oxymoron. What is there that is correct politically in our country? Furthermore, why do hundreds, thousands, in some cities estimates of over a million people flock to the streets in downtown areas to protest exactly what? Tell you the truth—I am very, very worried about the fate of our nation. Ask me why? Okay, why then…?

For the first part I worry that the people who are protesting do NOT know what they’re protesting about. I have seen folks carrying signs stating, “We Are Equal!” is there something that I am missing here? Other folks protesting are carrying signs that proclaim “Better Wages” for immigrant workers. The thing that troubles me is that I am not sure if these people know for what or why they are protesting AND in any country, and that is scary.

Did someone make a mass invitation? No, that saying on the Statue of Liberty was not written there by an American; actually it was a Frenchman who did it as a tribute to the American spirit and way of life. And that is the moral of my story for today:

We should be living everyday in America like it is Thanksgiving! We need to be able to look at and observe the past in order to forge ahead and make a better tomorrow. We need to STOP trying to change our country for everyone else who comes here escaping something, or looking for a better life. If it’s a better life you want…stop trying to change America.



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