Dismantling language…why?

Political Correct bookBefore we even go into the nonsensical notions of being “Politically Correct” (PC) and we will get there – however – something needs to be stated about the current situation in Iran. We don’t know what news you watch or listen too, or even if you do for that matter, yet, this is perhaps the greatest lesson or depiction one would ever dream of seeing when a society is without natural rights.

Many of us take for granted the concept of having natural, human, and civil rights. Believe us when we say that there have been moments in America’s history when the protesting was worse. Why do we all believe in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s?

However quickly, we extend our hands, sympathies, and empathy to one of the oldest civilizations known to humankind – Persia – and remember to have conscience and understanding when exercising your right to free speech.

Addressing this notion of being PCwhen we left off yesterday, we had brought forth the notion that the constant changing of names, labels, and identifiers for whatever reason and the backlash of doing so causes a slow dismantling of language of a society, ergo, the actual dismantling of the society itself.

How many remember dodge ball? This particular game was the number one (#1) when I was growing up. Now, do you think for an instant I was thinking about my self-esteem? Get real! Interestingly enough I was thinking about Jill, Debbie, and ‘Big Martha’ insofar as during this time is when younger girls develop at a faster rate than little boys do. And for some unknown reason we just couldn’t let the girls win every time, right? Or so that’s what I thought.

Not so for the lefty’s in charge of political correctness. Here is a quote from an individual who works at the National Association for Sport and Physical Education:

“The object ‘to throw things at the kids, to hit the kids, and then thereby eliminate them from participation’ is not consistent with wanting them to be participating.” [1]

Then out of the blue the left-oriented PC squad went from ridiculous to overwhelming frightening! Dodge ball was one thing but when these politically correct folks launched into children’s birthday parties my gosh, was there going to be an end?

For those who need a refresher, this was when the PC police issued the proclamation that opening of gifts whilst all the other children were present somehow made the ‘birthday child’ feel superior to their friends; moreover, it gets worse, the PC police didn’t want the poor little children to be embarrassed insofar as their gifts may not have been as nice as the others.  In essence the rationale behind this kind of thinking was that no child should ever have to suffer any humiliation at all.

Just a short itty-bitty-reflection on these aforementioned PC-ness issues; The entire notion behind playing dodge ball or whatever ball is to develop athletic skills, abilities, as well as hand to eye coordination. Can we all say ‘social interaction’? Maybe it is just some people having too much time on their hands conjuring up new ways to say things. Or then again, the end of all ends is to dismantle a language, then a society. Part 2 on the implications of Political Correctness


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  3. todaysnewsart says:

    Political correctness is just the tyranny of the masses. It’s totalitarian and suppresses the individual and is alive and well today. It’s pretty scary. It’s not really the failure to relax, but the failure to accept others.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hiya todaysnewsart!

      Cheers and thank you for the wonderful comment. Interestingly I wrote an article about a month ago that used the same language, “Tyranny” (abuse of power, power brokers, et al) and I think that it went over most heads.

      I completely agree with your assessment; however, I would hasten to add that the USA is getting more quasi-totalitarian everyday. And as we both know, it is the action of gov’ts and certain leaders to suppress others with their perceived tyranny.

      Thank you again!


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