If Mexico is so bad, why are we letting them or others who have been there, elequontly allowed into the USA?

Known informally as the “wait-in-Mexico policy,” and officially as the Migrant Protection Protocols, the plan was a major part of the administration’s moves to try to stem the flow of illegal immigrants surging into the U.S.

Judge Richard Seeborg, an Obama appointee to the bench, said not only does the policy violate immigration law, but Mexico is so dangerous that making asylum-seekers wait there — even if they’re not from Mexico — is untenable.

A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to stop its new policy of sending asylum-seekers who jumped the border back to Mexico to wait while their cases proceed, ruling Monday that the plan was likely illegal.

This really shows how disturbing the entire discrimintory business of “immigration policy” gets. Lastly, I firmly believe that the older people who are citizens of the USA are tired of this loophole here, can’t do there. I find it sickening.

I make no qualm about it whatsoever, with as little distain as these nonsensical illegal immigrants are reviewing or administrating here goes: How many people out there are really disjointed about President John D. Rooselvdt and his attempt to take over the office of the U. S. Presidency? Anyone reading about his career, moreover, the entities he induced to carry on with this country, yes this encludes fixing the U.S. Supreme Court to get all of ways and initiatives passed I am reminded of a bit of charged reading I had over the weekend.

This bit of interesting reading taken from Brion McClanahan’s 9 Presidents who Screwd up America about what Rooselvdt claimed, what if the politicians during that time were trying to make it seem as we know it when in all reality they were stacking the Supreme Court to rule that when President Rooselvdt’s time was up and done — then putting an end limit to presidential rule, thus “King Franklin.”

I only wish I would obtain one, maybe two Congressionals officials attention to this paper and it is not like that hasn’t happened before. Whereas, when reading Article II Section 1 of the Constitution, to wit: “Invasion clauses” that’s how one shuts up a Democrat. We all thought at the beginning of President Trump’s campaign that he’d be serious — that when people from another nation invade one’s own country, this is considered an act of war, and as such I mean we move the regiments down rifles in hand (loaded of course) and don’t forget the land mines.

Any people of any nation who is out smarting us on the threshold of our nation, that causes judges to order in an adverse way and make the entire nation look like we don’t know what we are doing STOP! and TAKE CONTROL! Because it is obvious right now, this nation and its collective resources (Congress) (Democrats) are being made to be spat upon, by God, let’s use our ordance.

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