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From time to time, we will be placing videos and other electronic media on this page of our site. Usually with the paid subscription service one is supposed to get feedback from the videos offered, basically a count through WordPress.

As great as WordPress is, however, in the last three years we have still yet to receive a count albeit my own, or when friends have contacted us that they’ve watched it. As the writers that we are sometimes having a video to explain further is ideal. Please allow me to make a point of especially when a transcript is not available. They are indeed a wonderful means of enhancing any blog post. Likewise, we have found concurrent feelings when it comes to surveys and polling data.

The company used by WordPress is Polldaddy, who has done a wonderful job with our make-shift polls; and they do supply data as far as how many participated and actual counts of look-sees, or those who actually voted. And as you know, or do now, the majority of us here at The Contemplative Thinker have either attended and graduated from graduate school and some have still done post-graduate work. We’re not sure of a graduate program in the U.S.A. that either doesn’t require either a statistics course as undergraduates or make sure that one is offered in the grad-school. It is really quite amazing when one begins to think about something — in this case, statements that have been ridiculously wrong, and those again that show arrogance and lack of responsibility — who does Barack Obama think he is to shout I will bring forth “Hope and Change” or this one is where he originally lost my votes (yes, during the Primaries) I will “fundamentally change America.”

Now we ask: In light of what the POTUS has done in Syria with the Russian compliance issues, how has Obama fundamentally changed our nation? Happy 2014! this is the first vid or moving media I have put to action this year; however, the story is getting much sadder:

Americans Asserting their First Amendment rights http://time.com/2949117/san-diego-migrant-buses-protests/                         http://ti.me/1pIXSMP

Fireworks in the House… http://youtu.be/zsv6fmXu4gQ

If anyone is having difficulty with an answer, how about legalizing 20+ million illegal aliens? This video is for you — I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face.

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Obamacare

Fox News — Obama Then and Now

http://youtu.be/5MoWJnvYFDg http://youtu.be/Oa9temz_Cxw Unlike the U.S. federal government, we do use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as well as scientific analysis performed on all of our polls. Okay, this is where you would come to watch a video or other electronic media such as news programs, live feeds, radio, and whatever. Latest: Obama’s lack of vetting two party strategist, as your president Please feel free to rewatch any of these videos… The next video is beyond question the inspiration for the articles on “Who Vetted this Obama” as well as the multitude of questions that came about the verifiable information. It is a fact that today’s POTUS was in fact on the CIA watch list as well as tagged by the F.B.I. for further investigation. One particular post that we presented had to do with the amount of media and press coverage given to Lee Harvey Oswald, which since has been revealed was planted by various agencies of the federal government in order to bring some kind of charge against him. It is widely known that an indictment for actually killing President Kennedy was not — at that time — obtainable insofar as Oswald did have an alibi for where he was during the shooting which in turn was backed by two witnesses. Our problem remains that anyone with this type of “nonexistent background” or even still with this type of “known background” would have never passed the vetting process simply of Congress or within his own political Democrat Party. Now for a different look at dome other membership clubs, perks, or just a nice place to go and enjoy a cocktail with friends or business as usual — consider this…

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