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It is time in our history for us to begin looking at what’s going on around us and after critically thinking with reflection, start doing something about it! Some call it efficacy—the belief that we really can and do make a difference—or, passion, drive, perseverance, or commitment. 
Mr. Paul Schilling is the founder and editor-in-chief of “Consortium” an international conglomerate of online publications most notably, The Thinker, American Age, and Education, Immigration, and Pop Culture, that assess mostly on matters of law and America’s affinity for lowering the bar of acceptable standards, albeit in education, the judiciary, and especially inside the ‘beltway.’
He is a nationally syndicated columnist, and the publisher of three best-selling books. Mr. Schilling has also written two books and is in the process of writing his third. Paul has also written for several national publications, military periodicals, and professional journals around the world.
In October 1989, Mr. Schilling, assisted by colleagues, launched Gaslight Publishing, the largest independently owned publishing house in Australia. Gaslight Publishing Company then went on to sell the most of any one title in Australian history.
While in Australia Mr. Schilling received endorsements from the then Prime Minister, Sir Robert Hawke, and many Members of Parliament, namely Sir John A. Able, M.P., who later became a partner in business.
Education has been a priority in Mr. Schilling’s life. He has literally attended university in just about every country he has lived in from Panama, Costa Rica, Australia, to name just a few. Upon his return from Sydney Australia, Mr. Schilling, without skipping so much as a semester, continued to earn his first undergraduate degree, a Bachelor’s of Science, emphasis in Management and Marketing.
When Mr. Schilling relocated to the east coast of the United States, he again entered the educational environment earning another Bachelor of Arts degree in History, as well as a Master’s Degree in Education with Emphasis in Curriculum and Design. Awarded with full honors, Mr. Schilling graduated Suma Cum Laude.
 Mr. Schilling is now on sabbatical finishing his third book and dedicating his energies into the public school systems in the United States of America. For relaxation Mr. Schilling dedicates time to fashion, trends, models, and all matters chic and vogue as well as reading, and his passion for the game of Chess.

quote.gif I write simply because I want to; moreover, I have a passion for words, communication, and especially expressing them.”


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