Illegal Immigration say “No” to Amnesty

Illegal Immigration say “No” to Amnesty

With an estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants living, and in many cases working, in the U.S. the question remains: What do we do with them? Good question. And the U.S. has an expensive problem on its hands. First and foremost I would argue that 11.5 million illegal immigrants is a number caught floating like a feather in a strong wind. If there is any way of determining the reasonably accurate number and either through Social Security, the IRS, or employers it is these people that we would want to work out some arrangement with. Notwithstanding fines predicated upon how long one has been here, for knowingly breaking the law. Now for the other 90 to 95 percent who have just got up one day and sojourned to America, crossed the border, and is now living in a purchased home, apartment, or with relatives, has a means of employment, then special circumstances are due these travelers.

Heavy, heavy fines for all illegal’s who have been notified of their problem who electively and quite literally disobeyed the law once again, heavy fines according to the amount of times they’ve been notified, forfeiture of property in the most extreme cases. In fact, of the 11.5 million illegal’s living in the U.S. if they have in any way skirted the law by not showing up for Court scheduled appointments should be held in custody until deportation.

Lax enforcement potentially leads to more illegal immigrants competing with U.S. citizens for jobs and some social services, without necessarily paying income taxes. Now why do you suppose that is? Just look at the records of the Office of the U.S. Attorney General, Justice department, and the individual departments within and including DHS. When Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents must stand down, together with, the U.S. Border Patrol again with no help from local law enforcement. When the POTUS fudges on the real deportation numbers and ends up admitting it, seriously what does President Obama have anything to do with immigration policy? Absolutely nothing. That function was delegated to the US congress from the get go.

Therefore to be as perfectly open as possible what the generations of Americans have dealt with is substandard work ethics by EVERY MEMBER of Congress. Unbeknownst to most people, even those who count themselves as experts do not know that the amount of time that matters of immigration have been with DHS is very little.

One must remember that when illegal immigration became noticeably in waves of surges the agencies that were involved have consumed the time and efforts of the Justice Department, approximately 220 years ago was the first agency congress delegated the immigration policy job too. When Justice felt they had become too busy, then the Treasury Department was tasked with the operation. There are so many of these Dept. of Agriculture, and other agencies only goes on to support our initial claim of work ethics by congressional members.

Considering a too-tight policy could mean farmers and others in industries that rely on the cheaper labor of illegal immigrants are left begging for workers, passing higher costs on to consumers or going out of business altogether. As far as we are concerned the American Way remains the American way. Ostensibly what we are implying here is that for those immigrants that have proved themselves with time on job, perfection of skills, attendance, NO crime, it is these people who should be considered for work and residence in the United States. Still more to come.


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