This One’s for You and Me…

Ah…ah, Yes! I have been along the lines of freed, unchiseled, unhandled, let loose from unhealthy relationships, and I am talking about the lot. Things of late have been unadulterated animal excrement. I could go on like any number of people and list the details of what it has been that has crushed, bewitched, turned-on-over my barely unrecognizable lifestyle; but wait, then all I’d be is exactly like those people who have succeeded in turning my normal, fun-loving and prayerful life exactly like theirs.

And may that never be! So, c’mon gang, what’s really bothering you? I am now positive that everyone has got something they want to gripe about. I mean, it is almost embarrassing telling folks that I am an American these days. God bless President Trump because he is the only human, I know of who can take a constant and absolutely beating and completely walk away.

And Democrats, I don’t want to hear about his wealth, his alleged Russian activities, a thing about his money, his wife, kids, or spectacular children. You know what this proud to be conservative person thinks and feels?

To late, I’m gonna tell you. I believe that because of your own public failures; moreover, even those failures that you won’t fess up too, you’ve found your self-worth in blaming the only person I know of to sit there and accept your obscene blame.

I have written to, spoken with and asked questions to my HBIC of the 2nd Congressional district of Maryland, and damn, is this guy dense! Doesn’t matter anymore, Congress is a group of do nothing, six-week vacation rest from Washington coming up next week – for what – certainly not working, therefore, undeserving, spouting off their incoherent minds with very untrue comparisons about events that are seemingly unrelated in the first place!

I believe it is wrong to gripe about “injustice and sending to a concentration camp” those people who have knowingly broken the rule of law that makes our nation great. Illegal aliens should have to go back. Moreover, and this one is for our brainiest members of the United States Supreme Court, where and/or why can’t they be included in our census?

Illegals have knowingly collected IRS refunds on dead people, live in deceased people homes, sign up for everything, until it costs, then Americans have no right charging us for anything. Alright you Dems or whatever is the latest, “liberal socialists” or just plain zombies — why are you so content on the revival of Mr. Mueller? Look take that energy and do what my money is paying you to do –work.

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