Testing…Everyone hearing that? Testing…

Or some may say Testis, everyone hears that? Testicles, testis

Okay to my readers, to my Congressional officials, and to my fellow humankind that lives autopsy5in the US of America, and of course, to my avid readers internationally.

Today is the day marked out to let you know that I do indeed have a moral and ethical statement to make. Here goes…

Today I come to you with a sound mind and simply ask if you believe our political parties in America are qualified to stop foreigners, illegal aliens, and ALL else who wants to enter our nation without proper documentation, without proper plans, who without question have no concept of our laws.

We find ourselves in a rather unique position, I used to struggle with this notion; however, I no longer do. My position is that we first look at our own people, their need for health care, then we look further into a nation who has a militia that is well prepared and could be better still; however, a key to our mending as a nation must be placed along the “infrastructure level.” (HINT: Us first.)

We live in a nation that is literally falling apart. Congressional officials please this request is above board and at arm’s length please do not let this request allow you to confiscate or otherwise allow you to stuff your pork bellies full of funding and let’s move toward making out country better.

You know, once upon a time people at various universities and (ahem) political parties fixed themselves as the “liberal thinkers” or “progressive types” and demanded a name such as “Elites.” Mind you, please set in your minds that this label was not earned or commanded in any way, shape, fashion, or form. It is just a name.  41MLuUCwxRL._SL500_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-big,TopRight,35,-73_OU01_SS160_

Well someone during someday looked up the word Elite and walked away with “the choice part:”, “the best of a class:”, “the socially superior part of society:”, “a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence:”, as for me I almost thought I was stuck on conceded or vain.

Who in the Creator’s name started with this notion that people demand (Obama, Clinton, Comey, this list gets very long) elitism? It is something that is earned not because you may be an elected Representative or Senator, that was the easy part! No, no, now comes the idea of earning your keep. And the reason you are in office is perhaps predicated upon that very notion – that the person before you just didn’t get it done. Why these older-senior-seasoned-people continue to get elected is beyond me. Let’s all face it, okay, some of these people are just too old.

In some mystical place and certainly during a supernatural time some people startedcapture33(3) talking about asylum. Then I guess the same people discussed the notion of immigration control – or let’s try policies and rules. And I reasonably sure it has been the same people creating loopholes in our nation of laws that would inspire a family to walk from Honduras to the USA and all during that walk they had lawyers telling them how to achieve asylum.

Much the same thing or idea was incorporated by the ruling-wealthy-money-grubbers. Only these people stated America…the land of the American dream or a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence stated that America was the most civilized, kind, proper place on the planet earth and everyone should aspire to go there. “No, no you don’t need money, the    government takes care of all of it.”

So don’t worry about laws, or hell, even the language, health care is free, the college education will not cost a dollar –you see it’s America!


Ultimatum: We will only say “No” once; then deal with the US Armed Forces!

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