Making My Statement

Making My Statement

downloadPlease any reader out there, please check under the Categories drop-down menu to see a list of what’s been written about by me and others on this site, “The Contemplative Thinker.” There can be no validation for this writing without the effect of why?

Therefore, with so much talking about this “Caravan” of marchers coming to the USA to make whatever plea to get in and once in, “make a better life for me.” Please, I ask that you bear with me in some true story events as well as milestones, but the point of my statement will always remain the same.

As a normal childhood boy growing up in Southern California, we were required to take a course in the school referred to as Health and Safety for the Growing Adolescent.  Easily for well over three quarters each and every teacher, educator, or substitute, or parent or whoever was responsible for taking on the class or classes when the person who was in charge did not show up for the day or better still, even when the teachers were there the number one discussion, we talked about, was population control.

In fact, most of our teachers opened their classroom discussions with some type of 494324463 - Copypopulation control. Most of the students thought at the time that it was to about the female students going to the school nurse or doctor to get a referral to their own doctor to be put on the birth control pill.

Don’t get me wrong – sure their constant talk encouraged families, groups of girls, and some boys to attend evening meetings with more information about the pill.

However, with the amounts of tests, surveys, and so on, for the big pharma companies what they did not plan on was the multiple realities of their given topic, population control.

And in due course, a regular surf day became over-crowded, the hitch-hiking trips to our top secret spiritual hot tubs that with each layer and pool they became hotter, to our hush-hush concerts or jam sessions never told to another human being, as well as a favorite guitarist doing tracks at the studio with one invitation handed out – was standing room only, like a free concert.



This is all written with adventures added in the new best-selling book called, An Open Autopsy on America without crunch space, but on we go. What was not explained in our classroom discussions was that when one or two million people came and settled wherever they could afford hardly anyone knew of their existence. Furthermore, when this nation had an active immigration (See Teddy Roosevelt) policy, entire families were sent home and not able to settle here on the basis of inappropriate behavior or assimilated into the American way.

Now let’s leap forward twenty or more years where there are over 12 million illegal aliens comfortably living in any way they wish! Oh yeah, it does get worse.

Now, they have colluded and retained lawyers on the American side of the border and currently are suing the United States under having no 5th Amendment rights. Excuse me, but doesn’t the US Constitution apply to US citizens only?

IMMIGRATION PROTESTSThe way it used to be: There was a time in this nation’s history, in fact, very recent history, when older and retired men found their own way to the border with a rifle in hand and went by the name of “Minutemen.” Giving one’s life protecting their nation doesn’t mean, going to Vietnam, Iraq, Egypt, Honduras, Panama, Germany, Italy, Northern Africa, or those other nations on the earth.

Protecting one’s nation means wherever there is trouble. When I hear these Caravan marchers bragging about “you see the Mexican Guardia, and patiently wait, then they go away…” I get a sense of outrage.

It is because someone (Muslims are famous for this one!) started suing the USA, then someone like a Democrat President Barack Obama had no prominence for vetting foreigners, and let’s not ever leave out Hillary Rodham Clinton for her disastrous promises to those living in poor conditions in Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Facts are folks that we’re running out of room in America to host these people. Say absolutely nothing about “how you can make your own life better in your own country.” Maybe you should ask your own government, “how much money has the USA given to us through US Aide this year?”forward-tout

Just name it – or National Parks are going to hell, why? Overpopulation from illegals. Look at your water system in Michigan, a person can drive from one coast to another and not miss a single car or somebody walking along the road.

At the border would read signs, CAUTION: YOU ARE ENTERING AN AREA WHERE THE US MILITARY TESTS AND USES ACTIVE LANDMINES. Or if the President gave them all out,



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