We must know thy Words!

We must know thy Words!

6640HUtpI have got to admit one enduring drama that has plagued my life since I can recall. This is of course the relaxation of the United States Customs and Enforcement agencies, our US Border Patrol Agency as well as the failure of our Congress to muster up the energy to move toward our invasion protocol, or better still, declaring war upon these individuals who have lapsed into our nation and everything that goes with it.            ICE1282014_0

At first for me, was the unraveling of the Bracero proceedings. Then only a few years later, President Regan has to get into it therefore, Congress STILL doesn’t have to work, and President Regan is getting this full-blown humanitarian bull squat. I wonder if President Regan knew it would be saying, 14 million illegals are accountable for jumping over whatever fencing is there and now they are marching from Honduras’?

We have to have someone in Washington who is ready to stand up and say, “The American people do not want birthright citizenship bestowed upon an illegal being born here; moreover, the American people want their lives to be secure and safe.” Go ahead make a name for yourself.

So, therefore, now, in my opinion, it is time for our beloved Congress (both houses) to start earning their US taxpayer salaries, while doing just that – it has come time for the indelible declaration of at least allowing this “Caravan” to be stopped.

Indeed, the Constitution is quite clear on war power. Congress has the power to determine IF the country will wage offensive war and against WHOM.  Once that decision is made by the Congress, the President is in charge of waging that war. (See Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution).

downloadAs I wrote in an early-2007 article, Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, on the other hand, refers to the President as the “commander-in-chief of the army and navy of the United States.” What the founders meant by this clause was that once the war was declared, it would then be the responsibility of the President, as the commander-in-chief, to direct the war.

Alexander Hamilton supported this when he said that the President while lacking the power to declare war, would have “the direction of war when authorized.” Thus, under the Constitution, the President, acting without a Congressional declaration of war, is authorized only to repel invasion and sudden attacks.

Furthermore, pre-emptive strikes and undeclared offensive military expeditions are not powers delegated to the executive branch in the Constitution, and are, therefore, unlawful. Thomas Jefferson stated this quite eloquently when, in 1801, he said that, as President, he was “unauthorized by the Constitution, without the sanction of Congress, to go beyond the line of defense.”

Since it’s unlikely that the executive branch will limit its own power, and there’s very little evidence that the Congress will use the power of the purse to do so either, it’s going to be up to the people of the states to make that happen whether the feds want us to or not.


The Contemplative Thinker is NOT an “Open Borders” cite. We believe in the strong sovereignty of the United States. Furthermore, we believe in our system of governance. However, and most of all we believe in our rule of law. Thank you!

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