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Socialism for America?

Socialism is defined as “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies,” and democratic socialism is a form of government in which state regulation … Continue reading

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A legal Amnesty…by whom?

    Illegal immigrants who took advantage of President Obama’s deportation amnesty for “Dreamers” were able to boost their pay, get driver’s licenses and more firmly ensconce themselves in the American economy and society, according to a new report Monday. … Continue reading

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What is with the Healthcare Act?

What is with the Healthcare Act? I generally try to keep about as far away from this type of dog fighting regarding the GOP versus Obamacare; moreover, it is basically how Americans feel about their own government and the intervention … Continue reading

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What our Government Needs…

What our Government Needs… Is in the great book and title by Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton is plainly a measure to Clean House. I truly believe that is what President Trump was trying to do with former FBI director, James … Continue reading

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Nigerian Muslim Sect Kills 15; Christians Vow Defense

A radical Muslim sect attacked a church worship service in Nigeria’s northeast during assaults that killed at least 15 people, authorities said Saturday, as Christians vowed to defend themselves from the group’s widening sectarian fight against the country’s government. The … Continue reading

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