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A legal Amnesty…by whom?

    Illegal immigrants who took advantage of President Obama’s deportation amnesty for “Dreamers” were able to boost their pay, get driver’s licenses and more firmly ensconce themselves in the American economy and society, according to a new report Monday. … Continue reading

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Never Forget — Loose Lips Sink Ships

Never Forget — Loose Lips Sink Ships This is a quick article that literally involves everyone — citizen or not a citizen — in the nation. I will readily admit that I have been in utter disbelief since this story … Continue reading

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It is time to do the only equitable, true, right, vigilant, and personally responsible thing to do…GET OUT AND VOTE!

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Shamnesty, Obamnesty, without respect to the Law

Republicans in Congress have denounced the new deportations policy, accusing the Obama administration of trying an end-run around Congress by granting de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants. Representative Lamar Smith, a Republican from Texas who is chairman of the House … Continue reading

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