What our Government Needs…

What our Government Needs…

10comey-briefing-thumbStandardIs in the great book and title by Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton is plainly a measure to Clean House. I truly believe that is what President Trump was trying to do with former FBI director, James Comey, however, to do a total Spring cleaning remotely close to the swamp is going to take an unmitigated solemn oath of integrity, support, loyalty, and as the Three Musketeer’s put it: “All for one…and one for all.”

That would be a miraculous outcome. Not to be misunderstood, by “solemn oath” I certainly do not mean this raunchy oath that these officials are taking now. Heck, that particular oath of office was put into words, above all, faith, more than two hundred years ago! Do you think there has been a change in American behavior in the last two hundred years? How about the last 100 years; maybe, the last 50 years?

I was reading an article by a citizen journalist the other morning that stated: “50 years ago there was still in America segregated drinking fountains.” Now weighing in at his point, 40 years ago I witnessed in the lavish but liberal O.C. (Orange County) California, not only separate drinking facilities but “blacks go to the back of the store for food, as well as segregated restrooms! No, when one is going to clean house thoroughly it is not like you can have a complete opposition party standing against you as well as federal judges, and every walkabout town person who thinks they know better.

Nowhere has this been identified more aptly than by James Comey. This miserable joker stated before the Senate Select Committee, “that he and his wife needed to take a break and get out of town because the press was camping out on his lawn. This was the time period when I decided to write some memo’s, or memorial memorandums for the record.”

In these memos was the business of how Comey did not think the President had anything to do with the Russian involvement in the election, furthermore, how Comey felt that the President had not fired him for reasons of obstruction of justice, or deceit or dishonesty, or untruthfulness.

Now I just heard on Fox News that Comey had done just the opposite! When asked by the esteemed senator from Missouri, Comey stated that he was the source of the leaks to the press!

If you had known that little fact, what on earth would you say? Wow! Does anyone remember the “Acting” US Attorney General from day one, Sally Yates, who vehemently disagreed with the President’s travel ban? Now, approximately 130 days later the former director of the FBI openly admits to being the source of leaks?


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