What is with the Healthcare Act?

What is with the Healthcare Act?

DDTX5uuXUAAn9W2I generally try to keep about as far away from this type of dog fighting regarding the GOP versus Obamacare; moreover, it is basically how Americans feel about their own government and the intervention of such into our lives.

I believe that the GOP is having tumultuous problems trying to iron out this healthcare fiasco. However disturbingly, I believe that one of the great contributions to this mess happens to be liberals; yet, they are not the solely to blame. Just for the record I will admit that many a republican is just as at fault.

Openly and quite admittedly, I do have a problem with this entire nonsensical rubbish. An attempt at explaining if only for feedback to assist my understanding of the mess.

  • First and foremost, I believe it is the lameness and laziness of the Republican Party; why? For the amount of time they have had, there can be no semblance of with Obamacare.
  • President Trump is in the right corner when he states, “We ought to let Obamacare die.”
  • The only way people are going to see the benefit of a National Health Care plan is to be without one.

Now as for all of us Americans, here are my griefs: Essentially, when it comes to the old bastion of “they’re invading my privacy with monitoring cellphones, data mining, computers, and a camera on every pole, post or what have you,” carries and immense amount of weight.

We let the democrats and Barack Obama take on healthcare because of our laziness. If not, produce your letters to your congressional officials. Former President Barack Obama contributed to the further deduction that America is in fact, a welfare state. And most of us allowed that to happen.    DDTWwSQXgAAkLKA

Hear me now or forever hold your peace – Obama’s presidency reminded me very much of the post-civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s. For whatever reason a minority felt they needed something – then stop the world and let’s give it to them.

Unfortunately for many – you lot bought straight into it! For the Creator’s sake here, the racism going on in this nation right now is all people of color, and/or different places of origin let’s go straight after whites. It has gotten far out of control!

  • I mean you want to throw some excrement at Hollywood, then by all means cry, biotch, and outright throw a tantrum about an OSCAR!
  • We don’t want the government invading our privacy, but hell make them the dispute on whether or not you need birth control or an abortion.
  • Why is the government even involved with this nonsense!

You betcha – entitlements are for those folks who actually need them. What do you saySunset-Wallpaper-Awesome-HD we all just back off?

Republican party members (except Susan Collins R-Maine) you should be thinking, “Hum, HMO or Kaiser Permanente from the 1970s.



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