Disappointed, angry, sympathetic, disillusioned, sick to my stomach

Disappointed, angry, sympathetic, disillusioned, sick to my stomach

Congress assembledI feel one of the greatest ideals in the making of a *1 Representative Democracy, *2 a Constitutional Republic, *3 a form of governance where rights, specifically ⸻ the right to peaceably assemble, rights to private property ownership, the right to be secure in our homes, and the freedom of speech don’t get me wrong, due process, trial by jury, freedom of religion is without question the most collective thinking by a group of people who ever wished to live and love liberty.

I am not at this time ready or prepared to wonder and ask the question, “How many of you reading this paper could have honestly have sorted out fairness, personal liberties, and with the same breath and quill still be able to admit that democracy does indeed have a shelf life?   puke

As a person living in the 21st century I do not care too, but I will openly admit that I am, at this time in my life disappointed, angry, sympathetic, disillusioned, sick to my stomach, and downtrodden by the behavior of many elected officials; moreover, I shudder when I think of “why” people are protesting.

Just a quick proverbial sense judgment: I never, ever voted for or supported anything Barack Obama alluded to having in his bag of tricks. Furthermore, I try and realize that in order to have personal and private security and my freedom of speech, there are many things that I must do in order to our way of life ⸻ freedom, values-oriented, and etc., to continue.

Certainly in my studies of the American way, with special emphasis on the Founding generation what I have learned is that “Utopia” or that imaginary remote place that has ideal perfection in laws, government, and social conditions, is not real here on earth. But that does not necessitate that I do not have to try and make America that little piece of Utopia on earth. That is the nicest way I can ever say, “It takes a tremendous amount of responsibility, understanding, tolerance, as well as a commitment to doing these things to make America that country.

A TrumpOkay then…we’ve had our free voting election. President Trump defeated what appears to be the biggest source of arrogance known to humankind. Who the hell made you or anyone else the judge, jury, and executioner of whether or not he is capable or qualified to be our President? President Trump told the people, the courts, virtually everything that has ears what he was going to do! He has not broken any laws – period. Whereas prior to President Trump we had an individual who was above the law, in fact, creating new laws for illegal immigrants to come to this place and live.

In a representative democracy to do such nonsensical things like – not even attempting to ask me or mine or my congressional district how we felt about his amnesty plans, he just did so anyway. Now then, about that personal, private space, and my own privately owned property the 9th District Court of the U.S. is usurping my rights again.

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