America’s relationship with immigration is … complicated.


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America’s self-image is forever intertwined with the melting pot. It’s a nation that welcomes the world’s wretched refuse, a nation built by immigrants, a nation whose very motto is “E Pluribus Unum” — Out of Many, One.

America’s history also is replete with efforts to shut the golden door to arrivals from China, from Eastern and Southern Europe — and most recently, from predominantly Muslim nations.If one were to study history I am positive that some ugliness came from these regions.

America’s relationship with immigration is … complicated. It does not need to be!

The leaders of colonial America knew they needed immigrants to populate their new land. But Benjamin Franklin grumbled about an influx of “swarthy” Germans, and the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 made it harder to attain citizenship and easier to deport non-citizens deemed dangerous.Again it is knowing history.

The acts were controversial; most were allowed to expire in a few years, but the deportation law remains, even today. And their justification — that some or many immigrants were dangerous interlopers — has been invoked again and again. So is someone denying this fact?

“If you substitute ‘Muslim’ for ‘Catholic,’ they would sound very similar to what you hear today,” Lee said. For the love of money! This person cannot be serious!

In 1868, the U.S. signed a treaty encouraging Chinese migration; 24 years later, the Chinese Exclusion Act turned away immigrants from what was even then the world’s most populous nation.And I am positive that this has a great deal to do with the 14th Amendment.

What had happened in between? The Chinese immigrants who had shouldered much of the work of building the Sikh childWest had come to be seen as a threat — the “Yellow Peril.”

“Since the early republic, Americans have recognized that immigrants are essential to nation-building: Immigrants farmed the prairies, worked in the factories, built the streets, canals and railroad tracks. They mined the ore, planted and harvested the crops, and provided basic services. Government and business actively recruited foreign labor to facilitate economic growth,” she said.

It was Israel Zangwill, a British writer, who dubbed America “the Melting Pot” in his 1908 play of the same name. His Russian-Jewish immigrant hero proclaims: “what is the glory of Rome and Jerusalem where all nations and races come to worship and look back, compared with the glory of America, where all races and nations come to labor and look forward!”

More than 100 years later, despite some apprehensions of the moment, that feeling persists.

More than 700,000 citizenship applications were filed from October 2015 to June 2016, about 25 percent more than the year before. The U.S. issued more than 10 million visas in 2015.

But the United States is far less inviting than it once was: The number of immigrants obtaining legal permanent resident status in 2010 was just over a million — almost precisely the same number as it was a hundred years earlier when the population was less than a third of what it is now.

thinker on throneAmerican ambivalence is reflected in the Statue of Liberty. Emma Lazarus’s “The New Colossus,” with its siren call to “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” is inscribed on a tablet in the statue’s base. Lady Liberty herself, a gift from France to commemorate the American and French revolutions, is not placed to welcome immigrants.

Just a thought… If America is a nation of immigrants then most of this article is plain sh*t. The reason being, of course, is if America is a nation of immigrants then why not name it as such, and why do we give credit for street repair, farmed the prairies, worked in the factories, built the streets, canals and railroad tracks. They mined the ore, planted and harvested the crops, and provided basic services alongside Americans.

What we are facing here is a complete accountability by government officials — who have allowed this bull squat go on for generations without remorse. The wanker press writer who reports this rubbish has forever been tolerant to the USA immigrant, albeit illegal or legal. Now with the latest figures out of D.C., a whopping 51 percent of those immigrants who have landed safely and starting with entitlements these are permanent residents. Now add in the illegal aliens AND I actually heard a renowned journalist say well illegals don’t get entitlements; nope they are too busy counting the illegal funds from the IRS while at the same time collecting food stamps and welfare.

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