The Façade of Multiculturalism

The Façade of Multiculturalism

lifebuzz-49daPlease do not be suckered into it! Their tactics are just about the same for multiculturalism as they have been for illegal immigration, or change of venue, life, and from where the money comes from; still, nonetheless special care should be taken whenever someone wants to add anything to your culture.

Unless the legislators that are or will ever be ⸻ this much has been reluctantly stuck to or imposed on all of our lives since at least 50-years ago. Until most people, especially those protesting for anything, come to the realization that once there was a political party that went by “the Elites or the Elitist Party” forged their way into power ⸻  with promises of income equality, globalization, human rights, and more opportunity for everyone, if you are a player this is the message for you!

Unless one is an expert in the ideological means of a borderless world, experts that possess the ideological ways, means, and machinations of how adding various sophisticated themes of socialism, political systems, economic systems, ideological constructs, Marxism, democracy, special interest groups, anarchism, minority affairs, black nationalism, and fascism into an existing set-in culture, then we would be better equipped to realize how comparative cultures work together.      Saint-Paul

Believe in the people who have actually been a part of these constructs. People who have lived in the Netherlands, Paris, Nice, London, Berlin, Moscow, Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas, Atlanta, Maryland, and of course New York City. These are people who graciously gave space as well as the means of production for housing, transportation, and mobility for what?

I have learned from interviews, friendships, investigations, and general empirical conversations that when the government leaders opened the gates so to speak, through them came people from all over the world. What the leadership never inquired about was how many of us ⸻ who already live here want this to happen.

The greatest lesson regarding all-of-it was that in Europe and soon in America as well there are not any adjustments made by the newly considered culture. For example, there are districts in Paris that even the local police will not go into to stop any disturbance. Furthermore, any and all of the non-host cultures’ way of life was respected or adhered too. Therefore basically what is created is not a “one person” attitude; subsequently, what has been created is a Hodge podge of different customs, dress, compatibility, and more importantly for social order, adhering to the same laws.

Multiculturalism is primarily the view of the ruling elite that different cultures, races, ethnicities, primarily those from minority groups, can and do belong living together in a specific place or one nation. Furthermore by definition multiculturalism implies the view that cultures, races, ethnicities, and particularly those of minority groups deserve special acknowledgments of their differences within the dominant political culture. For example protected existence, protected speech, and what else? Entitlements!     food_stamps_traffic_sign_ap-640x480

When one looks at history if there is any one thing that will assuredly happen is war. We are far more the assimilation people. Too many political people with lesser than honorable goals for the country and especially the people end up with diversity lotteries or the literal passing out of 80,000 visas and green cards per year.

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