Making Strides

Making Strides

Trump hire americanNot speaking for anyone but myself, I believe that the sit-downs with the surviving children and President Trump et. al., made an indelible impact on me over the last couple of days.

As we can testify to another random mass murdering of school children where we are over-flowed with gun control aspirations, virtual attacking of the National Rifle Association, as well as gun manufacturers’.

However, this time for me meant a lot more. Just so happened that I read a quote by Paul Ryan that followed these lines; “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”

And in offering this quote certainly made me think of my own community and what

britt robertson

Britt Robertson

would we do? Yet, I also saw and experienced a tremendous debate.  Believe it or not, I believe it was up to the mouths and quasi-mentality of Jay Morrison and Niger Innis however, I could be wrong. Nonetheless, matters (as always) boiled down to race with Morrison yet not without Innis being on the high ground with his comment “Okay, change the AR 15 then what?”

Having said that it demonstrates that I see Mr. Innis looking further ahead, rather than Morrison’s “Let’s change everything.”

anna kels from twiter

“The Divine Ms. K”

Just between you and I, does Jay Morrison live outside of an everything is the racist box? No matter what it is being commented on it all flows downhill and swirls when it comes to racial tenants in this nation.

jenn law

J. Law

And I know it is my beloved Jennifer Lawrence who is saying squat about a President who does indeed manage to get things done. But leaving that if I may – but unpassionately knowing that Anna Kendrick, and more and more of Hollywood’s younger ladies, ah haw, Brittany Robertson are using their pretty little mouths with not enough brain calisthenics to talk intelligently.


My latest work, An Open Autopsy on America will be coming very soon. The publisher is suggesting around two months, maybe earlier. Yay…!



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