Make this Mean something to you

Make this Mean something to you


A new poll finds support for stricter gun laws increases again in wake of Fla. shooting.

Hopefully is the only word I can put in to describe the ugliness in the USA now as I type. There is so much that continues to go wrong in this once aspiring nation. I would love to take special interest and other advocacy groups and swing for the fences with their constant rubbish that goes against the mainstream USA.

However, not at this time; soon it will be like shooting fish in a barrel, but right now is not nearly the time. Oh! The question was – “why?” At this time, I would only ask one to have a look at what good overly priced education is doing for us now. Right now, is the time that those who have graduated from higher education should be putting their leadership into top position and let our learning pave the ways.

Yet, I am writing this because I care enough about our nation to try my best to straighten her out. What good is higher education when an individual is teaching “their always not right” or nearly correct foundations of the truth?


Catholic teacher loses job after same-sex marriage.

There is a difference between “who’s truth.” Let’s look at the second amendment. Stop with the ability to own guns and start with a meaningful variation on who is allowed. I do not want to be the heartbreaker of hopes. However, it does not make a lot of sense of closing mental facilities that make depression, above anxious behavior, and for brevity, those who have drug or alcohol, or other dependency troubles go walking around.

Okay, prison overcrowding. The big Washington D.C. media and Congressional staff members’ premium tight-lipped what’s next? Of course, do not put mass bombers in there with illegal aliens or just some guy with 14 D.U.I.’s.


The Streets of San Francisco featuring needles, fecal material, and homeless.

Before I get to in to it for 12:15 am this morning I would only ask that you think of these flagrant issues: How is it that Democrats can do everything in their power to include lying, stealing, and breaking every law ever made to write unethical emails, tell and otherwise disclose national security secrets, and otherwise motivate another nation to rebel causing a massive war, and then create the plans and ballistics to murder that nation’s leader?

Now please, you who work in the entertainment industry that does not possess the active mind, just look where the trouble is coming from – that is, who is talking about it? I would just like for you to ask yourselves one question: What can you do to make things better?

Jason Chaffetz

Good. But I do wish DOJ would prosecute those under oath who lie to Congress. #neverhappens
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