He had it coming – so do several more!

He had it coming – so do several more!

06comeytranscript-master768Make no doubt about it whatsoever! The United States is a sovereign nation that all started with laws. I wrote a book and a lot of the material covered the collusion attempt by this nation’s elite members to get as far away from the accountability of their lies, and continued display of being above the law.

And it took a common man as far as politics goes, to start the process of allowing these elitist – in their own minds – to start falling on their swords.

To make myself as open and honest as I can be members of both political parties knew what John Comey, director of the FBI, did was wrong not only in assessment but in judgment as well.

And still, come out on international television and espouse his words like he couldn’t be


Don’t Make the Same Mistake!

touched fit right in with Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Clinton’s meeting with the U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch’s recusal from further action with the Clinton’s.

So, let’s make a wish; that the hate lovers who have been blaming Trump for Russian involvement in a U.S. sovereign election will finally just shut up and realize how good you have it. Deal.

Please see here and here for more enlightening detail pursuant to Comey’s artful dodging technique.

Yep, thus far he has all the ingredients and personnel to Make America Great Again.



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