Same Rubbish…different day!

Same Rubbish…different day!

obama-hillary-benghazi-caskets-300x204Q: With all this pre-election Russian intelligence coverage predicated upon one of the Obama administration’s national security advisors, Ms. Susan Rice, one should be asking fundamental and basic questions to wit:

This is indeed the same Susan Rice prior to her commitment to former President Obama’s national security advisory team is, in fact, the same former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, who by now has been branded for her lying or misrepresenting the truth behind the entire Benghazi, Libya consular officials office and the reason for the attack there.

The exact same Susan Rice who went on five international television networks as well as many other non-network coverages alleging from a talking points memorandum that the attacks we attributed to an eight-minute videotape that somehow made comments that were anti-Islamic.

It is just as important to mention that her talking points memo was in fact edited by the CIA and the FBI under the guise of Leon Panetta, a longtime political hand who served as President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, oversaw the mission that killed Osama bin Laden as director of the CIA before taking over Defense in 2011.

After 26 months of hearings, public testimony, and in-depth investigation, the committee has uncovered significant failures on behalf of the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department in the months leading up to the September 11, 2012, attack, indecision and lack of focus or direction during the attack, and spin, finger-pointing, obfuscation and political damage control in the days and weeks following the deadly terror attacks.

You will hear from the Obama/Clinton defenders in the mainstream media that there are “no smoking guns” implicating Hillary Clinton directly in the Benghazi affair, but rest assured, this is just sloppy reporting (and sloppy thinking, for that matter.) A smoking gun is not needed by a thinking person to draw reasonable the reasonable conclusion that Hillary Clinton engineered a foreign policy failure in Libya that ended up costing four Americans their lives. And after that deadly failure, the Obama/Clinton spin machine lied for political purposes.

The issue of lying for “political purposes” is so overdue and relevant in this matter. Please remember the precise time that this attack materialized ⸻ call it 45 days or thereabouts prior to Obama being reelected as POTUS. The evidence is overwhelming that all of the “political purposes” to include, Susan Rice, once an ambassador is suddenly promoted to the national security staff. It was also during this time that Hillary Clinton enjoyed a 75% approval rating for when Obama was done drawing red lines in the sand and allowing Russia to devour anything for its own benefit.

My point is simply this, with Susan Rice now implicated in the intelligence fraud and scandal affair this is, of course, an example of the sloppy thinking by the former administration. Paying people to riot against an incoming president (ACORN, SEIU unions) as well as in voter actions and results. One additional point; Why is Obama living in Washington D.C? And why don’t the Democrats enjoy the headway and progress made by a limited amount of the Trump administration?

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