Russia, Syria, and Iran..?

CcmKujIWEAAScEQFirst my humblest apologies for the sporadic writing and presence on this my site, The Contemplative Thinker! Just a bit about me, I have been working very, very hard with my publisher and we’re going to be published again!

I must come forthright and share with my readers what really frustrates me. Have you ever found yourself at the gap between either, wanting to unleash your military might or have your government tell you the truth about what is the real deal, or simply giving up and let those who are indeed “neo-viruses” continue to take a nation simply from want (Ukraine) then inducing the many people to either slavery or unhumanitarian deeds to stay alive?

Let’s, just for an instant, look at these three issues mentioned in my thesis statement. Number one, unleashing the power, prowess, and totally demonize those who do not behave accordingly? It is important here to understand what the press reports, what we see and feel in our own country, and again, what we see and feel about atrocities that are currently happening.

Let’s start with, what else, Benghazi, Libya.  Because of its geographic location in relation to Iran, Northern Africa, Iraq, and henceforth Russia just to name a few. How many of us realize that Benghazi, Libya is a port town wherein ordnance (legalized gun, munitions, arterially, bullets, grenades, etc.) armaments of war are shipped in and out of that forsaken region? Yep, Benghazi, Libya where the USA State department literally lost control of in excess 20,000 missiles? This is also where anarchy rolls the streets – armed and loaded?  This is one the precise locations where Russian cargo ships drop weaponry for those involved in the Syrian injustice.

Now regardless of what our beloved and diplomatic former Obama administration did – which incidentally was NOTHING, now, of course, Russia has aligned itself with Iran, Syria, and who knows what else that contrary to the USA involvement for at least 40 years prior – if one were to literally put together Russia, Iran, and Syria it does take up a fair share of livable earth.

So, I am listening to this pundit who feels that economic sanctions placed on Russia may be the key to a war declaration. As long as there is food on Vladimir Putin’s plate, that my dear pundit is not going to work.

Therefore, this is where I believe our own government is hedging a few things; downloadmoreover, this is where the truth would assist all of us. Being 19 Trillion dollars in debt weakens one’s bargaining position. So, Mr. Elijah Cummings D-MD, it looks like your lies have caught up with you.

Furthermore, any action taken against the Assad—Syrian regime is to be countered by Russia. Same hold true with Iran. This bastard is releasing bombs of chemical weapons on his own people ⸻families with infant children have been either sizzling or wishing they were dead. Russia according to the United Nations was the country involved with securing and destroying Syria’s chemical arsenal.

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