Precepts on Immigration

Everything, indeed everything, is in a state of perpetual movement. Institutions are no different insofar as institutions are made up of humans. For one to think that what was written two centuries ago would apply in this day and age simply has lost foresight and common sense.

The Framer’s of this great nation, never had the notion of writing a declaration or even a constitution that wasn’t meant to be changed from time to time. These individuals weren’t stupid. They knew well in advance, prior to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, that changes would be necessary to accommodate the growing ‘new nation.’ 

This is clearly evident in the Articles whereby the writer’s set limits on tenure in office. Believe it or not, what the Framer’s feared most was the notion of power being in the hands of the wrong people, hence creating mass chaos and corruption. Sound familiar?

So do the immigration laws we have in place right now need reforming?  

Let’s phrase that another way; do the immigration laws today need improvement? How about reorganizing, restructuring, modifying, altering, amending, or transformation? Make no mistake about it those previous six words are all the same as reform. And I would say ‘reform’ is just the tip.

More on Matters of Immigration…coming!


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2 Responses to Precepts on Immigration

  1. onemorecup says:

    uk visa serf,

    If you ever get the chance give “Original Meanings” by Jack N. Rakove a read. Mr. Rakove has languaged his writing in such a way that one can almost feel the fear coming from James Madison’s musings on ‘majority rule’ and the corruption that all of those Founders knew was happening, would happen, and will always happen.

    Thank you for stopping by and reading ‘The Thinker.’

    Kindest regards,



  2. uk visa serf says:

    I guess the Framers knew well that some people are driven to public service through self interest rather than public spirit but it’s difficult to imagine that they’d survey all currently holding office in Congress or the White House with much pride.


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