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Forget about the Constitution, Let’s use Executive Orders

Unless a person such as Charles Krauthammer or possibly George Will who write with the ease of the butterfly every now and then those of us who are not quite up to that level should bow out when a story … Continue reading

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Learn from the way it ought to be…

One of our favorite authors who produced several New York Times best-selling books not too long ago, one is particular that we all enjoyed – as well as the majority of Americans* — was titled The Way Things Ought to … Continue reading

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Founding Fathers on Assimilation

One could never dispute that certain issues are going to confront us all at one given point in our lives or another. Our discussion involves the notion of change folks. Ostensibly every human being will experience puberty, adolescence, hopefully learning, … Continue reading

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On Who’s Authority?

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE is the agency of the Department of Homeland Security that is charged with seeing to it that some semblance of safety and security is guaranteed to the people of this nation … Continue reading

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What is Political Correctness?

What is being politically correct? Many argue that being “PC” taints the real meaning of words; others debate that the entire notion is an attempt at being more civil. Therefore we decided to welcome “all comers” where hopefully you will … Continue reading

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Parents ought to be indicted!

To this end we have collectively stayed within our theme of tolerance. The Unofficial Oversight Committee at The Thinker felt we needed to give a reminder to the good people of America on what was and what is currently the status … Continue reading

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Founding Father’s Quote Friday II

Recently as a participant in a conversation that was addressing the notion of marriage, its history, and the participants thereto, the following question was posed: “Who are we to state that same-sex marriage is not right?” And after some critical … Continue reading

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Precepts on Immigration

Everything, indeed everything, is in a state of perpetual movement. Institutions are no different insofar as institutions are made up of humans. For one to think that what was written two centuries ago would apply in this day and age … Continue reading

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