Come Clean…all of you!

Come Clean…all of you!

LE5KNZKTWBAUXJE3DCTMUUXEIQFormer President Barack Obama and his administration spent well over $1.5 billion dollars to get a hostage released from being in a place where maybe he belonged. In addition, he assisted in concocting the Iran Plan which I along with anyone else who kept-up with the record knew it was not only a bad deal but disastrous for us in the USA.

When I look at President Trump’s overall record on economic matters, the number of jobs that are available, the low unemployment rate, and the mere fact that most Americans have more money in their hands right now that at any time during the beleaguered Obama administration, it still frustrates me how or why people can hate his as much as they do.

It continually blows my mind when I hear various women and their male counterparts spouting off about how great this man Barack Obama apparently was. Well, if they’d just stop their lips from flapping, like Kamala Harris who defined her own ignorance using her own words in a confirmation hearing. Likewise, Sen. John McCain is doing the same thing with his rubbish about the Iran Plan and No. Korean talks.

Ostensibly, what McCain is unable to realize during his brain tumor espousing is that Barack Obama let five Gitmo detainees walk not free by any means, he paid Iran to boot! And now, anything that can be stated about Beau Bergdahl just getting his own friends and fellow warriors killed whilst being on the runaway hideout for seven years still racks my brain.

Now all of you ladies and men out there who raised a hand in applause for what Michelle Obama had to say at the second United State of Women Summit was in 2016 in Washington. The message behind this second iteration called on women to act (or take action) to support gender equality.


What does this mean?

“I find hope in all of these beautiful young people,” Obama said to the crowd. “That’s why when I was the first lady, whenever I got down or read some bad clips or something happened I was like, ‘Please just put me with some kids. I just need to be with some kids,'” Obama said of finding inspiration in a younger generation. While I find this notion to be inspiring, when I ask, is there ever going to be substance behind this kind of inference?  ↓

“That’s what this is all for,” she said, adding that “because of them we can’t give up. What choice do we have? What future am I passing on to my girls and all our kids if I  wake up and I’m hopeless? There is no use in that. All we have is hope.”↓

Very Nobel Mrs. Obama. Yet, where I’m having my difficulty with this kind of pseudo-caring is that she is not talking about what the problems are and still worse is what↓ these listeners can do to prevent them. She doesn’t even explain what “gender equality” is or how to support it. Furthermore, she espouses how she sees “hope” in the⇐ ‘beautiful young people,’ a cliché I must add that got Barack more than a million hits on Twitter last week when he brought it up.

xlnt brainAnd yes, I do have something to say about that. Whenever either of the Obama’s want something such as campaign fundraising money or the spotlight, count on them making a comment about those younger people in show business who are too busy to know what they are doing, playing to egos that are very large. Go to Twitter and have a look.

In the finale, I have something that I must implore everyone to do. Please look at your own circumstances now, then ask, am I doing better now than I did in 2009 until 2017? I guess what I am asking Democrats, Republicans, younger lesser experienced people and the “seasoned citizen” please let go of your hatred and come to terms with why you are so angry with President Trump. We will heal better and meld better as a nation.


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