Here is Obama’s Immigration record…

It does not add up to much with the exception of favoritism toward Illegal Immigrants

shitheadImmigration Reform Explained

Time and again, you’ve heard the phrase “immigration reform,” but what exactly does it mean? When people talk about wanting immigration reform, they seek a change to the current immigration laws. Those immigration laws are set out in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). In very basic terms, when someone says they want immigration reform, they want to amend the INA.

What is the Immigration and Nationality Act?
The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is the basic body of immigration law. Before the INA was created in 1952, a variety of statutes governed immigration law but were not organized in one location. Immigration reform bills to amend the current INA have been introduced into Congress in recent years, but none of these bills, however, have made it through Congress. This especially includes the seven times defeated Comprehensive Immigration Reform Law!

What is Comprehensive Immigration Reform?
Comprehensive immigration reform favors giving a citizenship path to the 12 million undocumented immigrants already here while simultaneously putting policies into effect to discourage future undocumented immigration. These policies often include increased border security and employer sanctions for the hiring of undocumented immigrants.

The Conservative Opinion on Immigration Reform
While most conservatives have no problem with immigrants, there are conflicting opinions about illegal aliens. Conservative opinions are as complex as the issue itself.

The Liberal Opinion on Immigration Reform
Liberals aim to help immigrants emerge from the shadows of America.
Like the African slaves set free by Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, this heavily Latino underclass of unskilled, poorly-paid U.S. workers would be freed from unequal treatment as a human beings.

Latest Developments in Immigration Reform
A new Administration brought new hope to those desperately seeking immigration reform.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see immigration reform legislation before the end of 2009, and when 2012 hit with another of these arrogant promises Obama knowing this started up his executive order machines; discussions are moving forward. Please either push “Click” button or navigate to For Better Public Awareness page. Thank you.


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