“New Energy for DHS…”

AR-60-percent_400x400-300x300New Energy for the Department of Homeland Security


Jeh Johnson, the nation’s fourth secretary of Homeland Security, marks 100 days in office Wednesday, said one of his top missions has been to “inject a new energy into this place.” Just for drill can anyone name the first three in order?

“I’m making the rounds,” Johnson, who had been general counsel at the Defense Department, said in an interview. “We’ve been around to all the [Homeland Security] components. … I talked to … 200 or 300 people each. I have been to the Southwest border, met with people on the front lines of our border patrol in Texas and Arizona. I’ve been to LAX, met with TSA officers” That is great Mr. Johnson, what prêt ell did you learn?

One Johnson technique that other leaders might want to try: “I keep in my top desk drawer a one-page Secretary strategic priorities list, which I pass out [at] meetings to remind people: ‘This is what I’m focused on. This is what I think the rest of you should be focused on.’”

Johnson said that in addition to continuing to push for comprehensive immigration reform, one of his priorities has been filling the many high-level vacancies he inherited. Additionally it is difficult that this person will ever be clear minded about comprehensive immigration reform.

“I think good leadership begins with finding other good leaders to come help me do this job,” he said. “We just got three through the Senate a couple weeks ago. We have three or four awaiting Senate confirmation right now. And I am actively recruiting people to fill the rest. I have got at least one name for every single senior-level vacancy and we are pushing them through the vetting process. I spend some part of every single day working on filling the vacancies.”

Obama last month announced a review of the administration’s deportation policy, one of the department’s most controversial issues. Johnson said: “I’ve heard a number of stories about separating families, removing those who are not truly dangerous, that prompts me to want to be sure we’re getting this right. Yup, you are damn right! The notion that he’s used different accounting techniques lends itself to a juggernaut of confusion.

“The president puts it in terms of making sure it’s humane. … Sometimes, when faced with a hard choice and a lot of people were saying, ‘You’ll be criticized if you do it that way,’ I have to remind myself this is why the president put you here, to make these hard decisions.”

Johnson, a lifelong Mets fan who played first base and was a designated hitter when he was growing up, will throw out the first pitch at Citi Field on Thursday afternoon when the Mets end their home stand against the Washington Nationals.


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