We cannot go blaming the G.O.P. — They are trying to Stop Excessive Spending

2010votesThe very first statement that I have is one I believe that if those who are affected by these articles would openly admit too, then chances are that we will be seeing better government quickly.

However as all like minded people there is an attribution [blame] that we all must take in the effort to achieve the ends of what we asked for, and though it wasn’t done to our satisfaction, we ALL must remember that unlike the old days, we had skilled politicians, practicing doctors, scholars, academics, and experts who took charge and gave it what they could.

It is never easy or welcome to try to reach “yes” with a man and his majority party publically stating, “I will not negotiate…” Therefore, I believe it is an encouragement to stand up and say, “Here is a man that has on his plate the most coveted piece of legislation that can be remembered in American history.”

The man also the POTUS, holds the keys to a law that was enacted illegally. This particular law bears his name on it, which is more like a child or offspring than most of us are incapable of knowing. And as if it or not we face the reality that ObamaCare is the legacy and hallmark of his presidency. He is holding on to this law regardless of what it will cost the country, quite openly he snares at you and I like we are out of the human race. Furthermore, this person has used bribery, collusion, corruptible tactics, and the Cornhusker Touchdown” (around a $300 million “apportionment” for Nebraska).

Finally concluding my statement it is incumbent upon us…period! We cannot go blaming the G.O.P. for ineptitude because they were not inept. Furthermore, AND there exists the need to discuss this part – in 2012 we picked up a lot of seats in the House and a few in the Senate, surely not enough to hand us clear majorities. Although we are willing to negotiate and come upon a resolution, let us be aware that it is the left side that insists that they will not negotiate.

In short gang we asked for less spending. Let us not go on a witch hunt and take down these Members for doing what we asked them to do. Let us assist them in every way we know how. So let us start by watching our mouths and edifying words that are only appropriate for this cause.

Illustrating that the nation’s perpetual budget crisis has done little to slow down the government’s manic spending spree, the Department of Justice (DOJ) blew north of $58 million on conferences last year.seal

The figure does not even factor in all of the bloated agency’s extracurricular conferences because it excludes those that cost less than $20,000. One could argue that $58 million is a drop in the bucket for an agency with an annual budget of $28 billion, but these are hard times and the government is supposed to be cutting back on spending, especially for unnecessary things like conferences.

Why bother when it is not your money? Besides, DOJ brass is likely patting itself on the back for slashing conference spending by tens of millions compared to the previous two years. The agency actually reduced its conference budget by $33 million in the last two years and that includes a $7 million cut in conference spending from last year. How big of them!

hhsThese alarming figures were recently made public by the DOJ’s inspector general (Michael Horowitz), who presented a congressional committee with the many ways the agency wastes tax dollars. The DOJ watchdog put it quite diplomatically when he told the panel that the agency needs to do a better job scrutinizing conference spending as it attempts to reduce waste and inefficiency in a tight budget climate.

“We believe that the current budgetary environment demands that the Department search for adequate alternatives to conferences, such as video conferencing, and that it strongly consider restricting its conference spending even further,” Horowitz told lawmakers from the House Committee on Judiciary and Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

His probe also uncovered other areas in which the DOJ is wasting public money and identified more than “$250 million in taxpayer funds that could be put to better use” by the agency. Among them is the inefficient way the DOJ runs federal prisons, duplicative programs that could be combined to save money and an out-of-control division that’s awarded approximately $15 billion in grants and $27 billion in contracts in the last few years.

This is crazy stuff for an agency that was firmly ordered to buckle down on frivolous spending as the country suffers through a never-ending financial crisis. “Avoiding wasteful and ineffective spending is a fundamental responsibility of federal agencies in any budgetary environment,” the DOJ watchdog reminds. “But when times are tight, as they are today, the government must redouble its efforts to make the most of every taxpayer dollar.” Hint, hint Mr. President.

The staff here at The Contemplative Thinker openly hat-tips and sends our thanks to Mr. Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch. It is through that organizations “Corruption Chronicles”  that I am able to procure much of the informationhat-tip





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