Foregone morality, neglect of ethics, and recklessly claiming no such thing as virtue?

And in this person’s short lifetime up to now, there are far too many indentations within the fabric of our society and how we fail to get issues resolved. Just back from visiting The Economist it was a comment from one or more of the respondents to an article that is about morality, ethics, and virtue within our elected officials in Washington D.C., so I will share this with you – primarily because this particular comment was written by a non-American who is quite adept in the ways of the U.S.A.

“I’m a foreigner and don’t live in the US (I have however been a frequent visitor over many years and would regard myself as a friend) but it looks to me like your biggest problem is that you neither listen to one another, nor debate, nor attempt to find middle ground. What you do is stand at opposite sides of a wide chasm and yells at one another. It’s not mature, it doesn’t work and it is killing your country. But it’s your country; you can do what you like with it.”

Seriously does this interpretation find its way close to the mark or what? It is our collective opinion that this – unfortunate behavior – by our alleged leadership in the Nation’s Capitol does in fact, carry with it an international scorn.

Now then what I intend on addressing here in this article are the multitude of changes that have accumulated in our country, just within the last say…generation; that could be stretching it so perhaps we’ll just address the unfortunate meandering by decades.

You see there was a time in American history when the intentions, motives, and opportunities were rightfully granted to politicians. Unfortunately for us, our international friends, and the world overall, this stigma of granting the notions of morality and virtue to politicians must in all instances be revoked and to support this we would like to add and quote one of the nation’s true perjurers. It is through “no fault of their own” that [those in leadership positions] are made to suffer and endure the consequences of mistrust, being in a position of integrity displacement, as well as not being believable.

Well then whose fault is it? We here at The Contemplative Thinker believe in personal responsibility. In short… stop, take an inward look, and try and perceive how others view you. I can assure you that there are those who wouldn’t know God if he/she came and sat down in the person’s lap.

As long as we continue to vote for con-artists, or buy into the rubbish they’re selling, and continue to allow them the pinnacle of being on a pedestal – regardless of the truth then we’re afraid that our country is only going to continue to get worse – how could it go otherwise with some of the following examples?

During this campaign season we’ve witnessed the absolute worst in people who for some reason or another need to stay in office. How could anyone comprehend Mr. Harry Reid? This man is nothing short of a swindler. That mild mannered soft touch manner in which he speaks is a prop! This guy entered Congress as a pauper – and now has more money than the bank! But to accuse another individual of lying and cheating on his income tax is conduct unbecoming a senator, shall I even mention the Senate leader?

And this fabrication of falsehoods going on as “The War on Women” is simply preposterous! With a liberal media accepting what you are saying as gospel and then reporting it with their spin, you ought to be ashamed. Folks there are some real problems going on in this country that need to be looked at for what they really are and then let the process of evaluation begin.

The entire notion of separate but equal has gone on being misconstrued for decades. Do I believe that I am as equal to Kobe Bryant on a basketball court? How about being on equal terms with William “Bill” Gates insofar as business savvy and technical expertise is concerned? No I am not; however, I do believe that I am separate from those mentioned and deserve equality in my own ways.

This notion of living above the law as with Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and so many others who use bribes, double-speak, earmarks for their own personal gain is simply unconscionable. And it makes me want to sever any and all means of considering one who is so arrogant, suspicious, corrupt, and dishonest with the “it was the others and not me attitude,” that has things so messed up.

Yes there was a time when people given to politics were honorable, dignified, and who earned the rights of distinction. Only these individuals were serious with their intentions as if their life depended on it – and in most cases it did. The Founding Era and for approximately 80 to 100 years on about covers it. Of course there are always exceptions – how could one lock Ronald Reagan into the same category as Vice President/ President Andrew Johnson? May it never be!

To be sure we, as a nation, are in tumultuous times. When we see to it that those lobbyists for special interest groups as well as stop abusing the 14th Amendment; noting, of course, that America already has too many “protected classes and statuses.”

Have we arrived at the point of foregone morality, complete neglect for ethics, and recklessly claiming that there is no such thing as virtue?

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