Clinton: Look inward…at yourself!

Think critically Madam Secretary

At times we sure do miss the comedian, George Carlin, especially his variety of comedy. Carlin had a unique way of making us laugh at ourselves, and we saw that it was okay to laugh at our own behavior. In a particular skit, one I will remember even after death, still laughing and understanding the genius of his remarks.

This particular routine deals with drugs and taking full responsibility for partaking in ‘recreational drug use’ George brought the theories of such noted social scientist’s as B.F. Skinner, Pavlov, Piaget, and educators such as Dewey to support his claims that there are scores of others involved in the drug business that not only encourage “insatiable appetites” but contribute to them as well.

Allow us to borrow a bit of Carlin’s work with the human-condition in the United States as a sort of stimulus and measurement for America’s insatiability. Lets just jump right here in our Mercedes 500 SEL and tour our way down the Main Street of just about any community in America. Now remember that game our parent’s used with road signs and the alphabet to keep us quiet on road trips?

On our tour down Main Street USA, we just happen to look up at the local Safeway Supermarket where we get our groceries and right there in red it states: 24 hour Pharmacy, and as we reach our first ‘4-way’ stop corner we have a McDonald’s on one corner, a Rite Aid store that states: get all of your pharmaceutical needs here; on the opposite corner.

Before the light turns green your little brother begins with great curiosity, “What does a R with a x on it mean? Look over at that corner; it says Rexall with that R and little x.” Responding to help the little guy, you say, “Oh that’s where they sell drugs. Now before you’ve gone a block down Main Street USA on the only corner left (at that intersection) there sits a Save-On Drug Store and this one you don’t have to explain. And we haven’t brought up CVS, America’s largest distributor of ‘legal drugs.’

We are not complaining by any means and we don’t advocate regulating what store names the public is entitled too. Yet, we believe that before some Madame Secretary Clinton goes blowing her horn about America’s insatiable appetite for illegal drugs if it’s all the same, we’d appreciate it if she did just a tad bit of critical thinking before she goes off as a fool.

Furthermore, if we were to examine the biggest and most profitable companies-darn near recession proof-just look at the pharmaceutical companies income statements and balance sheets! One of the largest investigations under way in America right now is the notion of drug companies manufactured need for medication where it is believed that such phenomenons as “restless leg syndrome” as well as several other disorders are actually fueled by the advertising media.

If we were to look at what our “insatiable appetites” are it would be ridiculous not to mention Hollyweird and those given to celebrities and their behavior as well as professional athletes and their appetites for just about everything. People see…and people do.

Billy Joel the magnificent singer-songwriter espoused the Secretary’s rubbish in a song lyric that goes: “We didn’t start the fire, it was burnin’ long before the world was turnin’ and since she is older and in a position to do something about it, do it!


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