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What is the most addictive drug in the U.S.A.

The deadliest drug problem in America is not heroin or cocaine or even crack cocaine. It is the abuse of perfectly legal prescription pain medications — familiar names such as Vicodin and Lortab and generic hydrocodone. Therefore, having read that … Continue reading

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Credit…where deserved…Don’t be Buffaloed

With the news last week that President Obama intends to have all troops out of Iraq “…by the holidays…” many of the major “news” outlets have begun a campaign to give the President an inordinate amount of credit for what … Continue reading

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Has America lost its Common Sense?

Here at The Thinker it is our goal and aspiration to do but one thing: Get humankind albeit wherever they come from or go too, to simply use their minds.We believe that the greatest ‘natural’ resource we’ve been given is … Continue reading

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It’s only a matter of time: US Supreme Court

I would really love to take credit for this wonderful piece of journalism, yet, I can’t. Yes, once again over at one of my all time fave’s, “American Thinker” Rick Moran has written a beautiful piece and of course, he … Continue reading

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