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What does it mean? “March for Our Lives”?

What does it mean? “March for Our Lives”? The problem that I am having with this current protest march is who the heck knows what it is about? Please do not take me lightly here; on the contrary, I view … Continue reading

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Back to Senior-“itis”

A Colorado teenager whose yearbook picture was rejected for being too revealing is vowing to fight the ban with her high school’s administration, but the editors of the yearbook insist it was their decision alone on the photo. If anyone … Continue reading

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Special Interest and Lobbyists

In our last article we left by asking this question: So what happens if these special interest groups/advocacy groups who are also known as “Lobbyists’” push their agenda so far that it begins to influence what America was originally designed … Continue reading

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Peace people…how would you handle it?

Every now and again we like to go way off topic–and in this case–there isn’t any real topic other than maybe absurdity. Ostensibly what we do is in our day-to-day reading we flag various comments from writers that we feel … Continue reading

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Founding Father’s Quote Friday (The Bill)

Hardly a day goes by when somewhere in our nation someone isn’t at the very least talking about ‘rights’ let alone, enjoying the pure luxury that the Bill of Rights has bestowed upon us. And for this writer, it is … Continue reading

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Essays on Tolerance, part III

I am not altogether certain which is better between: having a passion that rushes through one’s body like a torrent river carving the way for knowledge; or, having an independent professional person read something one’s written and not only reaffirms … Continue reading

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America’s Failing…intentional?

The Unofficial Oversight Committee here at The Thinker has made a concerted effort to write on the notion of America continually ‘Lowering the Bar of Academic Standards.’ After a simple numerical analysis, the ‘Bar’ has been written about more than … Continue reading

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Illegal immigration and federal raids

I am a person with a compassionate heart and live by the axiom of “…not only looking out for myself and my own interests, but also the needs of others, showing that their needs are more important than my own.”  … Continue reading

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Immigration Reform?

What’s that all about? If Washington D.C.’s version of ‘Immigration Reform’ is to do nothing for a year, or a decade, even a generation well, they’re doing pretty good. WRONG!! Scholars, politicians, and definitely special interest groups, who aggressively use our … Continue reading

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Let’s Look at Discrimination

Just a little below this writing is another blog entry called “Who is being DISCRIMINATED Against?” Actually, truth be told this entire page of blog entries has something to say about discrimination. This entire notion of ‘discrimination’ has gotten so out-of-control I … Continue reading

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