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Well, it is my chest!

Well, it is my chest! And it is my blog Unfortunately every now and again I’ll post a real rant, by my standards, of course. Mainstream media and those who read the news for you — I am coming just … Continue reading

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Another Hate Hoax Accuser who made it all up

Leftist media bent over backwards to push this story.  Now it’s proven false they’ll most likely ignore any follow-up.  Another Hate Hoax Accuser who made it all up: Seweid had numerous opportunities to admit the incident never happened but again … Continue reading

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Obama to Halt Deportation of Illegal Aliens

The audacity of some people. The unabridged vile that spews from the mouth of this one man, Barack Obama, is unbelievable! Who does he think he is, anyway? A man who originally believed in his own press vis-a-vie, the savior, the … Continue reading

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