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Judicial Usurpation?

Judicial Usurpation? After the jurors in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial informed the judge that they were deadlocked, and the judge sent them back for more deliberation, the entertainer’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt declared it a win. “Today we have … Continue reading

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Willing to tell hard truths but with reality!

The Islamic faith isn’t “consistent” with the U.S. Constitution, and a Muslim shouldn’t be president, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson said on NBC’s ‘Meet … Continue reading

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Now the time to ask, “What do we do when we catch the ACORN mongers, lackadaisical appointees, Barnard Madoff auditors, or accountability officers? In a simple answer we need to be more vigilant. If we witness it then we need … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony Ordered to Pay $97,000

Having God as my witness there is absolutely no love lost between me and Casey. In fact we ran a poll on this very website that asked if one should have to pay for investigative work although acquitted at trial. Just … Continue reading

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Being grateful…(?)

If there is any doubt whatsoever that our nation is going through ‘growing pains’ all one need to do is look around. As you look please have our standard of raising and lowering the bar in the forefront of your … Continue reading

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Gov. Palin, Average Joe, and the Democrats

Why don’t we just give the country away? Presently we are in the process of whoring ourselves out to any bidder let alone the highest ones. One asks, “How did this credit thing happen anyway?” Easy. Inasmuch as greed is the … Continue reading

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