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Functioning versus Nonfunctioning and Attitudes

Functioning versus Nonfunctioning and Attitudes Oh! How I have waited ⸻ It seems now as if it has been years and indeed, it has! Today marked the end of the first business week for our new president. And I realize … Continue reading

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Anxiety, like the tide, is forever receding and returning, receding and returning. Like many people who have been given a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder (and many who have not), we always braced for the next recurrence. Anxiety, like the … Continue reading

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Wake Up People!!

I think the issue that bothers me the most right now is this notion of a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill” and the unadulterated negligence that surrounds it. I have taken the appropriate time to pore over the U.S. Codes, statutes, bills, … Continue reading

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