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Is this a New Phenomenon?

Is this a New Phenomenon? Just as though it were the election cycle perpetuating itself upon us again, with the exception that now it is the mainstream media who was outted as being at fault (Thank you, Mr. Comey) in … Continue reading

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Denial of “facts” violation of Free Speech?

Should people have the right to deny historical fact? The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board thinks so, writing on Dec. 21 that a proposed law in France to criminalize denial of the Armenian genocide would be a “monstrous violation of … Continue reading

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GMU Law School and the US Constitution

What a lovely Friday! Every now and again something that we believe it, abide by, and is at the center of so much attention gets addressed. Here is one of those ‘feel good’ types of the way it needs to … Continue reading

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Special Interest Groups, Politics, Activists

Our biggest mission here at The Thinker is to try and sow some seeds for thought. We make it our mission daily to plant something that will inspire someone’s mind to critically get involved in this process known as thought. Why? … Continue reading

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