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America, European and Christian Origins

Invariably, the question boils down to this: Why should we care if white Americans become a minority? America, others remind me, assimilated the immigrants of a century ago – Italians, Poles, Jews, Slavs – and we can do the same … Continue reading

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Diplomacy, Transparency, mere talking…

On this Friday when it seems as though everything coming from the government is nothing but a huge lie to cover-up one thing after another – promises of transparency have become campaign toys while diplomacy has turned into full military … Continue reading

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Increase Diversity Bake Sale, Feelings Aside…Learn!!

For most learners it really takes a combination of cognitive, behavioral, and tactile measures presented appropriately by a professional in order for people/students to learn. Of course by cognitive we refer to using the analytical structures of the brain, behavioral … Continue reading

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