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Say to the Press, “We deserve More!”

Say to the Press, “We deserve More!” Just a short rebuttal against what happened yesterday July 16, 2018, in response to how the mainstream media covered the events as two of the most powerful men with their “staffs and agencies” … Continue reading

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Give me a break…

Give me a break… Doesn’t anyone listen? Furthermore, are people learning anything from the listening? I do not think of myself as being any better than the next person – but I will openly admit that I use my mind … Continue reading

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Political pandering ~ Throw in the Towel..?

Political pandering ~ Throw in the Towel..? Two days after riots in Baltimore—at a time when most of the presidential field is either silent or contemptuous—Clinton has stepped out front with a forward-looking agenda on bringing people out of prison, … Continue reading

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