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Changes happening in America – for good or bad?

Changes happening in America – for good or bad? I have been blessed in so many ways. Keeping a huge list to a minimum, one such blessing is the ability to read. Frankly, I do not know what life would … Continue reading

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Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3

♦ Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3 ♦  Okay then, back as promised with another edition of these #MeToo movements. I did take some time to cover what I feel is unequivocally important in American sovereignty vis-a-vie issues on “The Wall” as … Continue reading

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“Black lives matter let’s kill a cop,”

It’s time we stop, hey look around — everybody LOOK what’s going round. Seriously I feel as though compassion is sweating off of me like an NBA player in the fourth quarter. Anytime that any organization runs around screaming “Black … Continue reading

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How is this Justified..?

How is this Justified..? Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the N.F.L., was paid $34.1 million in 2014, a year in which the league was tarnished by how it handled domestic violence cases involving several of its star players. Goodell’s total … Continue reading

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History: A New Perspective

We need to discuss history and education in our country. According to Glenn Beck, host and commentator, of his own show on FOX News namely, “Glenn Beck,” however, on Fridays he does run with a program called ironically, Founding Father’s … Continue reading

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Caught with their skirts down

Meanwhile just up the road about 76-80 miles north east, (from Berkeley) one would run in to Sacramento, California where the “Kings” the professional basketball team who plays there seem to be having just a small problem—of course, provided if anyone wants to refer … Continue reading

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Biggest Myths of Parenting

Indeed one of the greatest, most humongous problems in America today is this constant effort to lower the bar of acceptable standards of decency. Look at the situation in America’s high schools; look at the ugly predicament of teen pregnancy … Continue reading

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