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It is time in our history for us to begin looking at what’s going on around us and after critically thinking with reflection, start doing something about it! Some call it efficacy—the belief that we really can and do make a difference—or, passion, drive, perseverance, or commitment. 
Mr. Paul Schilling is the founder and editor-in-chief of “Consortium” an international conglomerate of online publications most notably, The Thinker, American Age, and Education, Immigration, and Pop Culture, that assess mostly on matters of law and America’s affinity for lowering the bar of acceptable standards, albeit in education, the judiciary, and especially inside the ‘beltway.’
He is a nationally syndicated columnist, and the publisher of three best-selling books. Mr. Schilling has also written two books and is in the process of writing his third. Paul has also written for several national publications, military periodicals, and professional journals around the world.
In October 1989, Mr. Schilling, assisted by colleagues, launched Gaslight Publishing, the largest independently owned publishing house in Australia. Gaslight Publishing Company then went on to sell the most of any one title in Australian history.
While in Australia Mr. Schilling received endorsements from the then Prime Minister, Sir Robert Hawke, and many Members of Parliament, namely Sir John A. Able, M.P., who later became a partner in business.
Education has been a priority in Mr. Schilling’s life. He has literally attended university in just about every country he has lived in from Panama, Costa Rica, Australia, to name just a few. Upon his return from Sydney Australia, Mr. Schilling, without skipping so much as a semester, continued to earn his first undergraduate degree, a Bachelor’s of Science, emphasis in Management and Marketing.
When Mr. Schilling relocated to the east coast of the United States, he again entered the educational environment earning another Bachelor of Arts degree in History, as well as a Master’s Degree in Education with Emphasis in Curriculum and Design. Awarded with full honors, Mr. Schilling graduated Suma Cum Laude.
 Mr. Schilling is now on sabbatical finishing his third book and dedicating his energies into the public school systems in the United States of America. For relaxation Mr. Schilling dedicates time to fashion, trends, models, and all matters chic and vogue as well as reading, and his passion for the game of Chess.

quote.gif I write simply because I want to; moreover, I have a passion for words, communication, and especially expressing them.”


36 Responses to About the Author

  1. Mr. Schilling, I’m working on a project to consolidate all of the best conservative blogs on the internet and would like to add yours to list. To help spread the word, I simply ask that you link back to the “Best Conservative Blogs List” using the link below. Thanks for everything you do here and I look forward to reading in the future.

    Best Conservative Blogs List:


  2. mgregory says:

    Jon-Paul, I took a look at your blog, I haven’t read alot of it yet, but what i did read caught my eye and I will be reading more as I am in not good enough health right now to stay focused. Remember in regards to my blog, it has the word ignorant in there for a purpose, I never stated I am intellectually versed in everything about the US, I just speak of what I see as a regular citizen.


  3. Debbi says:


    I’ve just started reading some of your stuff since you suggested it to me on FB! Can I just say AMAZING!!!! Your outlook on Freedom of Speech. I’ve read through it three times and I keep finding stuff I missed the other times. You’ve really given me alot to think about. Can’t wait to read the others!!!!

    PS. I love your outlook “I write simply because I want to….”
    You are who you are and you’re not willing to let people change that! You definately don’t fall into the stereotype who sells themselves out and I really like that. What a breath of fresh air!!!!



    • Jon-Paul says:


      No, no, you’re the breath of fresh air! And thank you so much for your comment; moreover, thank you for you lovely words. Freedom of Speech is kind of like that “thorn” in Paul’s (Bible) flesh it just continues to go deeper and deeper into the wound.

      Hey! Please don’t be a stranger, come as often as you like, express opinions, and get some friends to check it out as well. Again Debbi, thank you so much.



  4. Sac Hermes says:

    Everyone finalized specific fine factors at this time there. I have done looking concerning all of them issue and located a good number of people will go with your site. I cannot truly understand a lot in regards to this, i really want to receive some thoughts from the web page, however, your posting ensnared my personal focus.


  5. Robert Boller says:

    Aloha Mr. Schilling,

    Myself and two colleagues are wrapping up an academic article on political bloggers and I am hoping you have 5 mins to answer the following questions anonymously.  We’ve compiled quantitative data from hundreds of bloggers and are looking for some quotes to enrich our findings. 

    1.  Why do you blog?

    2.  What sort of influence do you feel you have on your readers?

    3.  How has blogging affected your use of other media sources such as newspapers and T.V.?

    I’m happy to share the completed article with you and will offer to mention your blog in the article at your request.  It will likely get published next year in a top Communication journal.  Thank you for your consideration!



  6. Tim Wicker says:

    Well good day Mr. Schilling. Just a blast from the past Bud. I will never forget # 28 as a La Mirada Matador and very dear friend of mine. Hope all is well. I spoke to Keith a few times recently and he gave me your info. Sounds like you have really made a name for yourself.
    Please reply as I would love to hear from you.
    T wicks # 44


  7. You’re singing the song that I’ve been writing about for the last 4 years. I hope that things aren’t as bad as I say they are. People tell me that things are worse than I say they are..


  8. Gary says:

    Happy Birthday Bro


  9. avecelan says:

    The Thinker! I like it, I am glad you found me so that I could find your blog.


  10. Robin says:

    Hi, Paul!
    You have been on my heart and in my prayers. Is all OK?


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey there Robbie! So lovely of you to stop by making mention of me in your heart and prayers; moreover, this goes down as one of those ‘astonishing days’ insofar as it’s not everyday that I receive such wonderful comments, responses, or love!

      I did receive your card with the most excellent message written inside. As for me, everything is fine — I guess — depending on what one uses as a measuring device. Still pretty much the same with some skin cancer here and some there and getting scheduled for a double total knee(s) replacement. Spiritually running strong as long as the Lord helps me running. I really miss you folks! Gary’s been wonderful with his writings and it sure is nice to see your name there.

      What do you think of the site? Talk to ya’ later! Cheers! And of course, LOVE!


  11. bob migliori says:

    Im an individual. Do you have a source for the “anchor baby ” legislation and the countries you state no longer allow it. The website advocating the Congressional law seems to “contradct” you information.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Dear Bob:

      If you’d like to see what allows “anchor babies” being citizens of the United States, see the 14 Amendment; for the countries that were mentioned in the article came from NumbersUSA (http://www.numbersusa.com/content/). I do wish you could be more specific regarding a Constitutional law that contradicts the information we used in production. Thank you.


  12. Russ Frear says:

    Have not heard from you, but I noted you are off writing a book. Hope all is well. Just curious about your thoughts on Rush Limbaugh’s comments and Roger Ebert’s retort.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  13. Russ Frear says:


    Just started reading blog, after getting the link from your brother. Have been looking for you for a while to catch up on old times. Drop me a line. I believe my Mom has been reading the Thinker for a while, and likes your ideas and positions. I look forward to hearing from you and catching up on all of your previous thoughts and ideas.

    Take care,



    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey there Russ!

      Glad you could stop by and have a look at The Thinker. Moreover, it sure is heart-warming to know that you’re doing okay. We have a lot to talk about! I hope your email addy is correct insofar as I’ll respond to you there, cool? The last time we communicated was just before the reunion. Check your email. Cheers mate!



  14. gary says:

    Talk to you soon.


  15. Gary says:

    Hey Paul,

    Point taken, may I substitute lazy with indifferent.

    Can we get an updated definition of who is considered poor in this, the richest country on EARTH? Do you think enough energy is being spent in Washington to promote prosperity through putting people to work rather than giving them handouts.

    I saw something on TV awhile ago, I’m giving away my age now, that I will never forget because it was so overwhelming. It was just after the Rodney King riots. I mean like a day after, there was a push to get the government offices open again and at the time I asked myself why. Then I found out, the following day was either the 1st or 15th I can’t remember which because that day at 7 in the morning there were people lined up 4 or 5 across going down the street, around the corner and down at least 2 blocks to recieve there welfare checks. It was unbelievable. Needless to say there was never anything mentioned about that seen because I searched for some comment and there was none. This looked like the whole neighborhood took a time out from looting and burning because it was payday.

    You can call me racist if you like, the defintion is so blurred now all of us are racist in some form or another, but even the people in Washington must know that true happiness and well being are produced through work. Providing what people need only makes a lot of lonely, lazy, unhappy people with weak spirits who are looking for someone to blame.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey there Gary, et. al.,

      Ya’ think already, right? Prosperity is something that this nation gives away; therefore, imagine those who are engaged in full time work! Yeah, I know….they pay higher taxes to assist in distributing the wealth to all those lazy folks who have learned through years of good leftist training – just stick out your hand. I wrote a piece awhile back that addressed a woman who was receiving aid to families with dependent children (welfare) in Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee! Also as much as I hate to admit it, the government has found what they feel is the ‘rich and poor’ levels and it’s too depressing to even attempt an explanation.

      I couldn’t agree with your assessment more re: the Rodney King scenario. It is truly unfortunate that when we see these kind of media blitzes – the ones where people start rioting in their own neighborhoods –literally bashing up, burning, and stealing from who they allege are their friends.

      Really reminds me of Hurricane Katrina and the massive looting and pillaging that went on. So our Lakers win the NBA title – let’s go burn down the place!

      And Who-a! Your closing statement is powerful! I honestly don’t see where race – or racism – even factors in; however, I would like to address that issue in brevity if you don’t mind: Since the dawning of humankind, history, albeit in pictographs, stone carvings, or in various religious writings, people – regardless of color or any other creed or ‘protected status’ they subscribe too – there is something inherent, perhaps in the DNA, hell, who knows but this we do know: Humankind has not gotten along with anyone or anything. Seriously, try and reflect on when this country, or the Middle East, or Israel, or the Balkans, or some other faction of humanity wasn’t fighting…I originally started at the decade level; meaning of course, has there ever been a ten year period in recorded history where one nation wasn’t fighting another?

      I do entertain your point regarding ‘happiness, self-worth’ and the person on the dole – just collecting and collecting but, that’s exactly what the elitist left wants.

      Great response and comment…thank you!


  16. Jon-Paul says:

    Hey there Gary!

    Love the expedient response! Moreover, you – again bring great insights and perceptions to our readers – and I might add, quite eloquently. For the most part I agree with your assessment of humankind; however, I really don’t think either of us is capable of stating that the Japanese, Germans, or Canadians are equally as lazy as American’s are. Therefore I agree with your summation, albeit, I think we need to qualify who and what we know about.

    I agree with your assessment regarding change! Humankind resists change like the plague. There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing, inasmuch as growth is the desirable outcome. Yet, I believe that you, as well as everyone here at The Thinker, and other Americans have reason for legitimate fear of this current administration.

    Based on evidence such as “redistribution of wealth – taking from the rich to accommodate the poor – and the entire notion that the Civil Rights movement was not a success insofar as it didn’t involve the Judiciary…” are tell tale signs that it is not our best interests that most up on the Hill have in mind.

    In a quick discourse: You ask why the people we voted for don’t even take the time to read proposed legislation before voting to pass it. This is a classic example of the “bar of acceptable standards” once again being lowered. Only this time the American people are justifiably outraged. These are for you and others: about reading proposed legislation please see here, then here, and again here.


  17. Gary says:

    I believe people are, in general, principally lazy. If events don’t effect us directly then we won’t get involved. However, what’s brings me out of the closet, so to speak, is this great rush for change that will effect just about every man, woman and child in America. These changes proposed by our government are monumental in cost and fundamental restructure. Yet, the people we voted to represent us are willing to vote and put into law these bills they haven’t even READ and they want this done quickly. Why do you suppose that is? I believe this underminds our basic government foundation and when the foundation erodes…well you know what happens.
    Shout about that for awaile.


  18. Gary says:

    I’ll keep reading as long as you keep making points that need to be heard.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey Gary!
      Thanks again! How about some suggestions? I don’t know how long, or how much of the site you’ve seen, but there are an awful lot of articles here!

      However, I would much rather cover something of a personal interest — or how John Q. Public — is getting fed up with this rubbish! I think that the ‘political machine’ in this country has run its course. I believe that the American people are much smarter (street smart) than any politician will ever give them credit for; subsequently, be it what it may, but anything and everything is possible these days!



  19. Gary says:

    I believe these comments are becoming more main stream and considering the actions of our government in the last 30 years or so your opinions really need to be heard. This is not a right or left thing, this is about what will work and keep this country strong and what will eventually distroy the greatest foundation for prosparity in human history. Keep it coming Paul.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey Gary!

      Thanks so much for you lovely response! And accurate too boot. I couldn’t agree with your assessment more. Who knows, maybe my book will turn out like Malkin’s and be on the Best Seller’s List?

      Hey…I keep on a-writin’ if you keep on readin’, k?



  20. jeffreyellis says:

    You have excellent taste in blog names. I have a blog called The Thinker too. All about critical thinking, applied to current social and political issues. Much like yours.


    • Jon-Paul says:


      Thank you for the kudos! Moreover, thank you for reading and applying your critical thinking skills. Don’t you wish more folks would?

      About The Thinker: We are actually in the process of attaching an additional word to the title; something like: The Critical Thinker, or The Overwhelmed Thinker, The Thoughtful Thinker, I’m sure you get my drift. Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated. Cheers!


  21. USWeapon says:

    Very well put. I look forward to reading more here as well.


  22. Jon-Paul says:

    There are those who subscribe to the notion that ‘there are no such things as accidents’ only being perceived as one. That being said…


    I do look forward to perusing Stand Up for America and engaging in meaningful conversation. Thank you very, very much for the accident!!



  23. USWeapon says:


    I ended up on your site by accident. I am sure that time is not something that you have a large amount of, but I would like to invite you to jaunt over to my site sometime and take a look. I write a blog that is based around politics and I tend to have a bit of a blunt way of presenting my opinions. We recently started doing a dissection of the Libertarian Platform in order to educate people on what they believe. I also recently did a piece on the public education system in America. I would truly value your thoughts. I wish to write a book or two myself! I hope to see you there sometime and should you ever end up with some free time I would love to pick your brain a little bit, even if by email. My blog is located at:




  24. Jon-Paul says:

    Dear James:

    G’day! Thank you very much for your comment! It is lovely when people take the time to jot down a few words, even if it is simply a ‘hello.’

    It is my understanding predicated upon those whom I received this information that this ‘Sir’ is really in title only—one gained normally out of respect for obtaining a high office. This is not to be misconstrued with a ‘dubbing ceremony’ or by any means kneeling before the Queen.

    Unbeknownst to most Americans this same privilege is bestowed upon the President of the United States; whereby, I guess the word I’m looking for is in ‘honorarium’ much the same as a commencement speaker normally receives a doctorial degree from the university their address is given.

    Thanks again for your response, and I’ll ‘shout’ the next one. Cheers mate.


  25. bre101 says:

    i love The Thinker! It’s one of my favorite blogs here on wordpress! Everyone reading this comment! Keep coming back to this site! haha

    i think that the author of this wonderful site should read my newest post on hate comments. haha it’s so funny what people get so worked up over. 😉


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