Move on America…

Move on America…

Democrats dummysOkay, now is it time to move on with our nation? What I am referring to is this constant notion of “obstructionism.” As I see it when something doesn’t go the Democrat Party’s way, well then, let’s just get paid and not do our job. There are matters to look at here, and I mean very important matters!

Recently, I wrote a series of articles on females and their new movement, the #MeToo Movement. Now before any female gets up and stops reading, I was with you and to this day I still am. However, I still believe that ladies or women who exploit their tremendous assets to move ahead albeit for job advancement, relational activities, or otherwise should not look to this movement and start crying me too!

Basically, what I mean is that the “Movement” should be used for the number one category that was explained to me as sexual assault. I believe then, as I do now, that any male that uses his strength and prowess – hell, even his wealth or prosperity – to inflict pain, harm, conflict, or any sexual maneuver without the consent of a woman as long as there is due process, should be made to suffer in any and all ways that will work given the nature of the man (explanation follows).

Mind you, if a woman is in a position by way of common sense, decency, or otherwise, that allows a man to use his strength and/or his position in any industry may indeed assume consequences that she did not want.

hanging-cage-420x279I will speak for the men of Hollyweird on a limited basis insofar as I have been in both sectors or assisted in representing those who have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. I believe that a woman being considered for a part in a film, play, or anything that will bring her prominence should be above board with even contact and conduct. Take for example, Mr. Weinstein, who either himself, his brother, or his great-grandpa, grandpa, father, or mother owns a considerable amount of the studios and their affiliates, including the best films, television, or even Broadway, any woman under the influence of this kind of man should be using extra caution.

Time for the curveball. What happens when a woman deliberately uses a “date rape” drug on a man, yet, still the man does not desire her in any sexual way. Then for no reason whatsoever, the male comes home from work and finds an eviction notice on his door? Then in the relaxing atmosphere of the hot tub, this female wears only a robe and when she decides to go into the easing water, removes her robe, and in her splendid regalia starts screaming rape while she hurls herself on to the male! The police are called on 9-1-1, incidentally by the male and she starts crying and lying and more lying.

Later in the evening, the police show up at the male’s door threatening with a warrant! As the male identifies himself as indeed the person who made the call and had been sitting and waiting for the police to show up then, there were some embarrassed officers! The man explained he’d hired a motion picture cameraman who had filmed the entire event. Furthermore, the male explained that there was no reason for him to be evicted. This soon panned out to be true – because the woman used an accounting error to make the male look as though he forwent his lease. Once corrected, the precise same night, the police refused to take the woman into custody!

This example is as much possible and probable as Dr. J. Blasey Ford’s claim against Brett Kavanaugh with the exception that she did not possess any direct form of evidence – no police report from 1982, she did absolutely nothing with regards to her situation which for the life of me became her largest significant problem. To be as open as possible, one would think (in the teenage mindset) that this person may have provided a way to enact sexual activity. She certainly would have carried a brand, because she did not do anything before, during, or especially after the event.

This story is to illustrate that matters happen all the time. Sometimes the police make arrests when they are supposed to. And at other times they do not. This is not an article on law enforcement protocol. It is, however, an article to bring into view that everything that happens – criminally – needs appropriate due diligence in the form of due process rights.


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