Can Anyone of you Imagine what the Kavanaugh Family is going through?

Can Anyone of you Imagine what the Kavanaugh Family is going through?

Brett-Kavanaugh-with-his-family_2018_07_11_Chip-SomodevillaIn the background as I type I have a live interview airing which features John and Ashley Kavanaugh being asked questions on live television and for sure someone’s taping it. When this vetting process first started there was all but two maybe three Democrats that didn’t care for the man and I will say it – as for me it was jealousy.

Then the Democrats figured out that they could stop the process by not allowing the complete Senate to vote on the measure. And unfortunately for many, this created a mini-springboard for some Republicans as well. As for me now as well as considering other times in the session and other times in the voting process, I have distanced myself as far as possible from both those Republicans and those Democrats.

And just today I went out to my previous voting poll booth inasmuch as I needed to know the correct hours, times, and locations for our upcoming mid-term election series.

But before I get too far from what I was saying – happens to us all – in the original Judge Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee can we all agree that we saw and experienced as the language got rougher and more directed at the Judge, the appropriate staff members escorted his children and his wife out?

I am certain based on the Committee’s actions that they knew exactly where they were going this time. Furthermore, I have written to a declined my tenure as a member of the Republican and Democrat Party.

Allow me to say…35-years is a long time for anything to happen! One individual, who was arrested and tried and convicted for selling out our country’s secrets was given a lifelong, without the possibility of parole sentence? But that’s okay…. when Barack Obama was sitting on his rear end, never had served his nation and signed and overturned this person’s conviction and because this individual wanted a different look Obama also to set up his trans-sexual surgery.

Now then, let’s look at another piece of it. If an individual is not found in the country trying to get their children admitted – nope! That doesn’t work either! Let me tell you how bad it’s gotten. One for sure way of applying for asylum or protected status here in the USA is to make your claim here whilst you’re in the USA!

The first part… If a person is not caught here illegally then there is no problem. When a person gets caught here illegally that is what caused the “Zero Tolerance” level that stated, quite in advance that parents would be held in a different location than their children. Yet, I am sick and tired of Nancy Pelosi saying, “undocumented immigrants are not illegal.” Jed

And here from Jedediah Bila: “Disgraceful to me that someone’s life and career, anyone’s life and career, could be instantly and completely derailed by uncorroborated, unproven allegations. This is not how our justice system works. The court of public opinion is a national disgrace in 2018.”


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