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comey-fox-newsI have had problems and discomforts with the way justice (if that’s what they call it) is served in this nation for years and years, and I believe it is something that needs the full faith and credibility not of our legislators or people in all degrees in the “elite” community, say, Washington D.C. The way the Senate is going right now vis-a-vie the Kavanaugh matter, God forbid any justice considered by them.

Less than two hours after being designated a sexually violent predator, Bill Cosby has been sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison by a Pennsylvania judge after being convicted for the 2004 rape of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand.              image

Yet what is NOT TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION are the devastating effects of losing a scholar son to a senseless murder. Ennis Cosby was murdered by a walk by an immigrant from Russia. Cosby’s daughter Ensa Cosby has passed away at age 44. No immediate information was provided on the cause of death, however, updated reports provided by the family spokesperson said she died from kidney disease.

These are the kinds of questions that I think should be asked by the prosecution if necessary. We talk about how women’s rights are squandered, women’s dignity, integrity, and composure are blasted with some kind of alleged crime happen to them. Moreover, when entire national advocacy groups such as #MeToo are organized somehow true justice seems to go away and faulty public opinion takes over.

27cosby-verdict-1-master768-v2However, consider if you will a parent losing their offspring to a murder. Or in this case, one dying earlier than expected. Let’s look at Bill Cosby Jr. and some of the many achievements he has accomplished.

As a youth, before and after school hours he worked at a supermarket, and at times shining shoes to support his family. He failed in tenth grade and instead of repeating the grade, he worked as an apprentice at a shoe repair shop to help out his family.

In the meantime, he completed high school through a correspondence course. In 1961, he was awarded the “Track and Field” athletic scholarship to the Temple University, Philadelphia. To pursue a career in humor and comedy, he went to New York and enacted a comic play at Gaslight Café, New York in 1962. Carl Reiner, a Hollywood actor, discovered him. Cosby became the first African-American actor to star in a weekly television series called “Spy I”. He won three Emmy awards for his acting as an undercover Central Intelligence Agency agent in this serial. During this time span, he acted in the television series like “The Bill Cosby Show”, (1969-71); “The New Bill Cosby Show”, (1972-73) and “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”, (1972-1984). He became interested in education and lives of children in the serial “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”. He applied for higher studies and was awarded a degree from the University of Massachusetts. This education helped to incorporate many of his ideas and ideas in his future works.

kgucxcnt_bigger“The Cosby Show” won the Golden Globe Award in 1985 and 1986. He was awarded the “Spingarn Medal” by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for outstanding achievement. In 1986, Cosby broke the 53-year-old attendance record for his concert appearance in Radio City Music Hall. Bill Cosby’s book “Fatherhood” became the fastest selling book of all time in 1986. He won a Grammy award for “Those of You with and Without Children” and “You will Understand” in 1987.                            download

In 1992, he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. In May 1997, he was honored with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1998, he was awarded the “The Kennedy Center Honors”.

Bill Cosby was awarded the ” Presidential Medal of Freedom”. This award is one of the two most prestigious civilian awards of the United States. Cosby received an Honorary Doctorate from Haverford College in May 2002. He received an Honorary Degree from Sisseton Wahpeton College for his contribution to minority children. William Harjo LoneFight, President of American Native Services, presented it. The same year on September 4th, he was honored with an Honorary Doctorate from Baylor University. He also received a doctorate degree from Yale University.

download (1)Cosby was bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate in Music from Berklee College of Music. On December 5, 2008, Cosby received an Honorary Doctorate degree in Humane Letters from Virginia Commonwealth University. Bill Cosby is one of the famous African-American who will remain in the hearts of not only the Americans but also of people of other nationalities. He has received more than thirty awards for his various works. He supports various charitable associations and actively participates in the causes regarding child education. He has earned more than 8 distinguished doctoral degrees.

Although awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom, yet nonetheless “The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest award bestowed on civilians for their contributions to society,” there are advocacy groups trying to have than garnished as well.

kathryn-steinlePenn also revoked the honorary degree given to Bill Cosby, who is facing a high-profile sexual assault retrial after dozens of women came forward in the last two years and accused the comedian of sexual assault. Far be it from me, but with criminals who are also illegal aliens who find a gun and shoot a care-free lady in San Francisco California and watch as that person who actually confessed to that crime walk Scott-free out of that courthouse still makes me perplexed about our system of justice.


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