The Integrity of Fact-Checking

The Integrity of Fact-Checking

You know something. . . I am an official believer in Fake News, gossip, rumors, editors for book publishing, or in anything or anyone who would have to correctly source a document. Moreover, in fact, talk radio hosts are adding to the raucous tensions among US citizens.

So why would a published author and publisher of four best-sellers be an official believer in the fake news? Let’s call the egregious acts done by those who are in charge of fact-finding, or source authentication is in the midst of gossip and rumoring. People such as I, academians, those who have either taken or stumbled on English classes and Amanda in Letters to Julietknow the rules of reporting and storytelling.

Let’s take the film, Letters from Juliet, starring Amanda Seyfried in the lead role. Does anyone remember what she did for a living? Hint and Spoiler:

The movie begins with Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) walking through downtown New York while on the phone, trying to track down several individuals to see where they were on the day they found out WWII was over. In her hand, she has a picture of the famous kiss that took place between a sailor and a nurse, and she’s trying to confirm if it was staged or spontaneous. As she’s in Times Square, where the picture was taken, she finds the right person who can verify her question.  

She meets with her boss at the New Yorker who asks her to be very certain that the information is correct, which she is, and he compliments her on her work. She asks him if she can start to submit some stories to him as she really wants to write, but he says famous kiss sceneshe’s such a good fact checker that there is no need to want more. He then asks her about the trip she is going on. Sophie and her fiancé Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal) are leaving on a pre-honeymoon trip to Verona, Italy because he will be opening up a restaurant in a few weeks and there will be no time to go after the wedding.

Therefore, in essence, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) was a fact-checker for the New Yorker Magazine. However, if one reads the information slow and carefully we can all see how hard she worked on a single project (cell phone, other interested parties, Times Square, the actual address where it happened, and we are treated to the conciseness of the photo.

As much as I gripe about much of the Social Media, it nonetheless provides a vehicle for those individuals who would otherwise not say anything. A lot is being confessed lately about Hillary Clinton, the FBI and DOJ, the Democrat Party, and Mr. Robert Woodward.

AmandaIt is so evident that what these organizations and people are alluding too simply cannot be true. Now, as the article comes out for all to see, or if someone reports something that isn’t true, that’s when “it” hit the fan. Huge Supreme Court cases involving the first amendment or the accuracy of the information as told must be true. Perhaps it is time to go back to some of these cases?


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