What’s up with this Special Prosecutor?

Hey! What’s up with this Special Prosecutor?

“We have found nothing to show collusion between President Trump and Russia, absolutely zero, but every day we get more documentation showing collusion between the FBI and DOJ, the Hillary campaign, foreign spies, and Russians, incredible.” …President Donald Trump – Sep. 11, 2018.

And now, every American and those alike who are paying into the US Taxpayer system should shout – Enough! Enough Already! To think that a Special Counsel was appointed to verify, investigate, confirm, or bring charges against the very people doing this has now run its course.

WNW_current.jpgWhen one looks at this shenanigan type “Politics” as governed by the Democratic Party members so as to lead to one common bit of hysteria, called impeachment, these people who are doing this as well as other pranks, trickeries, monkeyshines, tomfooleries, and other planned mischiefs, should be arrested.

Oh sure, we could start with Rep. Maxine Waters who other than threatening people around her, has been concocting this “Let’s Impeach Trump” for years now.

Nowhere, could this Congress be held accountable for not getting something done, New Coverespecially “The Wall.” Make no mistake about it, it is believed that if the government came with cap in hand asking for donations I believe we’d raise enough funding.

However, it has not come to those means just yet. But, if there is not any talk [in Congress] about it prior to the midterm elections, I do think that this nation will be in another hurt – again! Now all things being equal, Hurricane Florence is going to hit three or more major states and cause severe consequences.

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