Sociology, Socialism, and Neo-Marxism

Sociology and Neo-Marxism

When one endeavors into Socialism as a way of government, it is my minimal conclusion that the people who are for such a change, in reality, do not know nearly as much about the tenants of socialism as they should.

494324463 - CopyWithin the social system, there are various subsystems like the political system, economic system, religious system, educational system and others. David Easton and Gabriel Almond played a leading role in developing the system theory in the field of political science. According to Easton, a political system is that system of interactions in any society through which binding or authoritative allocations are made and implemented. Thus, it is making of binding or authoritative an allocation that distinguishes the political system from other systems both within and outside the overall society. Therefore, we would like to say that this is the political side of governance.

Meanwhile, many others have also added in one form or another more into their own definitions of a “political system” such as Max Weber has defined a political system as a human community that successfully claims the monopoly of legitimate use of physical force within a given territory. Almond defines a political system as that system of interactions to be found in all independent societies that perform the functions of integration and adaptation by means of the employment or threat of employment of more or less legitimate physical compulsion.                            antique-blank-camera-269810

Now then, in order to move this article into a meaningful direction, it should be noted that there are extreme differences between political, economic, and other systems that operate within the political system.

For the sake of this writing, it is very important to look at various political systems and to mention their own specific qualities, advantages, and of course, their disadvantages.

It is important to note, however, the emphasis that one needs to place on society – the everyday habits of humankind and how those practices react to and one’s lifestyle. Moreover, it needs to be noted now that various means of governance or the political system interacts with humankind’s economic system.

Yet, for right now we will feature “Socialism” in the West as a means of social reformation; primarily focusing during a time shortly after the Civil War when progress versus poverty, equality, and social thought took center stage in American history.


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