What a Clusterpuck!


What a Clusterpuck!

-AP_Compound_Search_Children_RemovedA message that people were starving, believed to come from someone inside a makeshift compound in rural northern New Mexico, led to the discovery of 11 children living in filthy conditions.

Taos County Sheriff’s officials said Saturday the children ranging in age from 1 to 15 were removed from the compound in the small community of Amalia — 145 miles (233 kilometers) northeast of Albuquerque and in an isolated high-desert area near the New Mexico-Colorado border. They were then turned over to state child-welfare workers.

For some this may be the appearance of “old news” yet too many a person in New Mexico [Huenigen’s] this is really quite the order of the day. What this article is addressing is what does New Mexican legal jurisprudence have in common with the rest of the United States?  type on fire1

It is important where the compound was found; yet, even more, important on why and by whom this alleged living accommodation came to be known.

Being near the Colorado state border almost gives individuals a free for all on what criminal justice system will be used. Colorado is much different from New Mexico. And the unfathomable conditions these people were living in is enough for me to question the intent on who, what, where, and when these children were being prepared for.

On a more chronological side of this issue, what investigators involved received was the human remains found on a New Mexico compound is that of missing Georgia boy, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, authorities confirm. Hogrefe said the condition of the body made it difficult to positively identify the remains, and investigators had to use several means to finally conclude an identity. Right now, there is no confirmation of a cause or a manner of death.

Here comes something that is only true of New Mexico and what that state appears to be living with. Federal District Court Judge Backus on Monday night ruled that three women and a man could be released and tracked with GPS ankle monitors pending their trial on child-abuse charges in connection with the treatment of their 11 kids kept on the site. As of Tuesday evening, two of the women and one of the men remained jailed at the Taos County Detention Center; the third woman is a Haitian native was turned over to ICE agents.

I submit to you with this mini-U.N. type of facility found in a remote outstretch of New Mexico one needs to get a confirmation about what is Congress the American people ready to do with regards to the overly boastful with chests protruding “America, come as you are”? Congress will not do anything except deter legislation and the Office of Professional Responsibility. I am slowly but assuredly finding out that Congress is good for nothing.

ICE1282014_0Although I surrender and will not give up on Common Sense. The social media, email and telephone threats made against Taos District Court Judge Sarah Backus were deemed so serious that court officials felt compelled to reiterate her responsibility to decide on the law, not public opinion based on incomplete information. It remained unclear Tuesday evening whether the Taos, New Mexico, courthouse evacuation was connected to the threats. So learn this-this is what happens when open borders, no USICE, as well as other “Global systems” become the majority of the Democrats agenda.



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